Which kind of organizations oppose the repeal of the Johnson Amendment? Let’s take a look, shall we?

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The article:


Now let’s take a look at which charitable tax exempt organizations (on the letter’s list) OPPOSE the repeal of the Johnson Amendment:

  • Public Citizen.  This rings of the progressive’s corrupt creedo of a “Borderless World” which robs citizens of the right to defend themselves from foreign and special interest.
  • Catholics for Choice.  That’s right- as in ABORTION.


  • United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries:  Progressive, Open, and Affirming Denomination (see Local Churches Near Me, below) in their own words.IMG_20180511_214644
  • Religious Institute for reproductive justice, LGBTQ justice, and other.


All of these (with the exception of Public Citizen, which is self-explanatory) are:

  1. Religious-political charitable AND tax exempt organizations.
  2. Opposed to the repeal of the Johnson Amendment, which would allow true Catholic organizations to engage in politics.
  3. Supporters of progressive-liberal Jewry – whether they know it or not.

Would the Catholic Pope approve of Catholics for Choice’s political campaign for public donations and government funding to pay for abortions?


Jews have long been inflitrating the Catholic church.  Consequently, all Christians must be very careful to avoid Jewish Catholicism/Jewish Christianity which are NEO-versions of the real thing.


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