Arrogant Jewish exceptionalism: You can deny Palestinians exist and attack them all you want, but Israel in untouchable

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You can attack the Palestinians in America uninterrupted, call to expel them and deny their existence. Just don’t dare say a bad word about Israel, the holy of holies.


I have to disagree with this writer.  I think times are changing.  I think people are sick of Israel’s war mongering and general hate and unrest.  I think people are tired of financially supporting Israel.  I believe people are tired of Jewish hypocrisy and exceptionalism.   And I think that many people believe (rightly so) that Israel has a profound obligation to live in peace with and respect the boundaries of all of its neighbors in the Middle East.

This writer is living in the past.  Eventually, Israel’s bigoted treatment of citizens from other countries will backfire, if it hasn’t already.

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