The Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Ferris Wheels, Entertainment Industry, etc. are characteristic gimmicks of Capitalistic Jewry.

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France Jeunesse Civitas and Tradition Catholique have their own pages on Facebook.  In recent posts, they have expressed outrage at proposals to add an amusement park to the rebuilding of the burnt down Cathedral of Notre Dame.

These organizations are evidence that French Catholics have had enough of  having their country over-run by liberal Jewry to the extent that their cherished way of life and their Catholic faith has suffered tremendously since the end of WW2.

Since 2016, there has been a marked Catholic revival in France which is fighting for a return to its cherished beliefs and way of life in the face of rampant liberal Jewry in France.

This is ONE BRAVE FIGHT as rampant liberal Jewry has all but sacked France.   As citizens that support the responsible use of our tax dollars and respect for our religious beliefs- we must support the French Catholic’s efforts to fight Jewry in France which has all but made a mockery of Jesus, Mary, and the Catholic faith.


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