The Jewish deep state is whipping out Asians all over American TV and MSM to project the illusion that Asians back their corrupt brand of racist special interest “Western” politics.

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The race baiting Gig is up!

Does anyone really believe that 40, 000 people have died from one person having bat soup in China? America is dying to get into China with “medicine” that is REALLY ALL ABOUT GETTING MONEY FOR ISRAEL THAT IS DEEP DEEP IN THE DRUG AND MEDICAL BUSINESS! Beware CHINA!

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Does anyone really believe that 40, 000 people have died from one person having bat soup in China?  America is dying to get into China with “medicine” that is REALLY ALL ABOUT GETTING MONEY FOR ISRAEL THAT IS DEEP DEEP IN THE DRUG AND MEDICAL INDUSTRY! Beware CHINA!

The “American” 1% has peaked and even if they manage to stay in office, they are not really in power anymore; just in survival mode.

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Why?  Because globalization has gone global and there are (thankfully) many more prominent players in the arena.  The “American” 1% can no longer contain globalization and globalization is not simply going to go away.  The globalists created a monster.

In addition, Americans know that the 1%’s greed is not sustainable and either a new establishment is formed in the country or Americans will leave the country for better opportunities abroad.

The 1%’s imaginary hold on all things and all people, forever, is crumbling all around them.  The trade war with China is their last grand stand.

As 99 cent stores become 4 dollar stores and young people start thinking of a way out of this sinking ship, the 1% is beholding the sight of their crumbling empire.

The Western Jewish Establishment represents other people and other cultures with stereotypes and stigmas

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In American movie history, which has been established by Jewish Hollywood, there has been a marked history of representing other people and their cultures with terrible and superficial stereotypes.  I realize why this is, more and more, every day, as Establishment Jews dominate our mass media, movie industry, domestic policy, foreign policy, literature, etc.  I have deduced that the reason they make fun of sovereign people from other nations is because they are always viewing other people with an outsider perspective.  They observe.  Then, they imitate or re-create cultures to suit their Zionist agenda and, ultimately, sap up all the attention to be the stars, once again.  And yet, they keep strict control of their Jewish image and erradicate necessary public discussions about their beliefs, their actions, and their people.  This is why all roads lead to the heroic Establishment Jews in everything we see, read, and hear.  In their twisted mind, they control the world and what everyone thinks and knows about them, and we control nothing.  This is a hugely serious problem.






Corrupt bold face Jewish American Globalists: Schiff and Nadler, have no awareness or shame

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Over the past two days, Schiff and Nadler have the audacity to testify, ad nauseam, about how Jewish American Globalism IS American National Security.   To support their corrupt global conspiracy, they add the testimony of more Western Global Jewish “experts” to support their “case”.


If you’ve listened to Schiff and Nadler these past two days: It’s the Western Political Global Jew phenomenon at its purest.   It’s the Pharisees at their clearest.  These Western Political Establishment Global Jews truly do call everywhere and nowhere their home.  Their “home” is wherever their personal interests may be and this becomes the podium from where they stand to speak to the world about how they are defending the national interests of innocent sovereign citizens.

They are the Pharisees; they tell the world what is wrong and what is right; who can stay and who must go,  without Ever hearing (much less checking) themselves.  After hearing Schiff and Nadler, I truly have come to understand the nature of the problem when it comes to the Western Political Establishment Global Jew.  It is convoluted yet clear at the same time, which is typical of this unique and age-old problem.


Hundreds of bankers, corporate executives, celebrities, and heads of state and cabinet members have arrived in Davos, Switzerland, to take part in the 50th annual World Economic Forum (WEF), which begins Tuesday. With the wealth of the world’s billionaires up by 25 percent in the last year alone, the Davos attendees have much to celebrate. […]

via The Oligarchs Assemble at Davos — Astute News

The Oligarchs Assemble at Davos — Astute News