So far Haiti president assassination has American prints on it and this news is even more provocative. Is it time to investigate Bill Clinton’s possible role in this?: U.S. military once trained Colombians implicated in Haiti assassination plot, Pentagon says-

America, Bill Clinton, Haiti

In my assessment, there is a growing possibility this assassination could be connected to former president Bill Clinton who, for decades, has had strong political and financial connections to Haiti.



Mike Pompeo hopes for the demise of the Chinese government, in the next 100 years, because they don’t pay for his steak dinners.

America, America synonymous with Israel, Pompeo

We all know that Mike Pompeo fights hard for his corrupt bread and butter pro-Israel constituents; he is alone, however, in his desire to see a world without China as we know it.

I think Mike Pompeo knows that the country that truly may not be around in the next 100 years, as we know it today, is America.


Haiti in upheaval: President Moïse assassinated at home-

America, Haiti

In my opinion, this assassination sounds like an inside job coordinated by Moise’s political rivals in Haiti. I do not exclude Moises’ prime minister, Joseph, as a person who may have been aware of the operative.

Joseph was a temporary prime minister, but with Moises dead, he will now remain in power. Power is always a motive. He was also quick to speak out with a lot of information about the assassination which is suspicious.

Outsourcing the killing to “foreign mercenaries” would be a way to cover it up. Also, “they spoke Spanish and English” is very revealing; it underscore’s Haiti’s ties to the US and to nearby countries that speak Spanish.

Things to keep in mind:

The U.K. sells arms to Haiti- effectively funding so much “violent unrest”

Regime collapses are famous for being American power grabs

America has longstanding money laundering “charity” operations in Haiti- especially via the Clintons

The Dominican Republic is an ally of the United States

PalAction: Shutting Down the British Arms Trade to Israel-

America, America synonymous with Israel, American Jewish West

Palestine Action has made headlines for its forceful commitment to shutting down the arms trade between Israel and the U.K., trying to do with direct action what anti-war organizations have long been calling for.