California schools ‘anti-bigotry’ initiative partnering with group known for bigotry — Israel Palestine News

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In the midst of a pandemic drastically impacting California students’ ability to receive an education, state schools Superintendent Tony Thurmond has launched an initiative focusing on bigotry… One component features a questionable institution with a deeply dubious agenda…

California schools ‘anti-bigotry’ initiative partnering with group known for bigotry — Israel Palestine News

Collecting target market metrics is not a crime; it’s common business practice. If American users are ok with sharing their information with Chinese companies, the US government should not interfere

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In all actuality, the bigger threat is having all of your information stay in the hands of the corrupt American Establishment because they exert more power over Americans than China does.

If China wants to collect target market information about its customers, that is common business practice. It’s not a crime as long as Americans agree to their terms when they use the app. The truth is, globalism is here to stay and America will lose its market dominance at home and abroad to strong global competition in the years to come. Actions like the ones Trump is taking is merely an effort to stop the bleeding for American companies because the rise of China is already a fait accompli.

America is treating its people like children caught in a divorce case by denying their right to self-determination, individual liberty, consumer choice, and privacy.

Trump’s national security accusations are just a lame excuse.

Laughable: Forget privacy violating Google and freedom of Speech censoring Facebook and Twitter. India is suing Ali Baba’s Jack Ma (Chinese Billionaire) for “censoring” content.

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So this is what the US is up to in India: starting a war between India and China.


Jewish American Pentagon encroaches into Catholic Eastern European territory: Poland willing to accommodate US troops withdrawn from Germany — © blogfactory

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Poland willing to accommodate US troops withdrawn from Germany Military personnel take part in the unloading operation of US military equipment of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, ahead of the Defender 2020 international military exercises at the German port of Bremerhaven on February 21, 2020. (Photo by AFP) Warsaw has expressed willingness…

Poland willing to accommodate US troops withdrawn from Germany — © blogfactory

“Diversity” Chaos in America, thanks to Western Establishment colonialism

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That’s right, it’s the same wretched Western Establishment Colonialism status quo in America that continues to destroy the fabric of humanity. What is this Western Establishment Colonialism composed of? As a reminder, the British and French Colonies and the Jewish slave traders and Jewish leaders of identity politics which sow hatred, division, and gross iniquity, among people, in today’s society.

Colored people are not “diversity” for them; they are subjects which facilitate international trade and local policy which they write to ultimately benefit themselves and their businesses/livelihoods. None of today’s political, economic, and social policies truly help the people that are most in need. Instead, if fits them into a system so that tax payer money can be generated to go into the pockets of the corrupt establishment. In particular: landlords; lawyers; bankers; politicians; hospitals; food companies, and Big Pharma.

They are the dividers, they are the establishment exploiters of the human race. Their regime must be replaced in favor of one that fosters true solidarity, justice, safety, and authentic equal opportunity among people.

Pro-Western Political bloggers criticize political and citizen “freedoms” in non-“Western” countries but an abusive Capitalist system that props up the private sector and the political elite with tax payer money is just as abusive if not worse: it’s modern slavery.

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For average Americans that pay high taxes, earn low-wages, live in debt, and pay high market-rate prices at the store while the Capitalist elites: wheel and deal; get bail outs from the public; live in luxury; and don’t pay taxes, it’s Modern Western Slavery.

It’s the same “Abuse” that Western propaganda-ists whine about in other countries, and it is even Worse because it gives the illusion of being free.

It’s just that the abuse in the West is more Subtle to notice; it has to do with money and censorship of anti-Israel sentiment (BDS).