Desperate for market relevance and revenue: Apple wants to do away with carriers and beam internet data directly to Iphone via satellite. Apple is copying China because China ALREADY sent their own internet satellite into space about a year ago.

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China already launched their own 5G internet satellite into space about a year ago.

Since Apple’s business model was so unsubstantial and corrupt (manufacture Iphone for cheap in China, sell it to customers back home in America for a thousand or more dollars each) it was hit very hard by Trump’s trade war with China.  As a result, it is copying China and wants to send its own internet satellite into space, in the hopes of gaining prominence, once again.  Apple has already added content subscription and more services in an effort to obtain more money from its customers.

This shows you that, all along, all shallow Apple cared about was a quick buck and steady profit, not innovation.

Real National Security Threat: Petition to Revoke NSO License as WhatsApp Warns About Israeli Firm’s Cyber-weapon Exploit

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