Trump’s hostility toward China and its products is blatant discrimination based on country of national origin

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America’s hostility toward China is blatantly racist as it discriminates based on national origin. To cover up this discrimination, Trump makes baseless accusations about Chinese companies all in an effort to sabotage Chinese business. This is deplorable.

Trump’s proposed ban on Chinese Tik Tok is pure facism, not global free market capitalism. Hypocritical America wants to sell products its 1% makes to the world but it doesn’t want to give American consumers valuable products from abroad, depriving us of consumer choice.

American double standard: America has demanded 100% ownership of its businesses in mainland China, but it hypocritically refuses to share its domestic market with China and other formidable foreign competitors because it’d be a “National Security Threat” or more accurately, a threat to America’s established monopolies.

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China could easily assert that America in China poses a national security threat to its safety, but it has not. Communist China has opened up significantly in recent decades allowing American business to operate in its territory.

Jealous of China’s own rise as a world superpower, a spiteful America has proven that it cannot be a stable partner and that it will not allow equal terms or benefit in its business dealings.

American Global Free Market myth: America’s Apple takes down more than 30,000 Chinese apps

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America has long postured that capitalism encourages competition therefore it is the right system to abide by. But in actuality, Establishment American capitalism only cares about protecting and growing its large monopolies at home and abroad.

Truth be told, China’s only crime is being a worthy competitor!