Reparations for Generation X and Xennials: Holding Americans to corrupt double standards helped to foment anti-immigrant sentiment

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While average Americans are expected to pay back college loans; qualify to rent an apartment; pay their rent and utlities; buy their food; buy their clothing; pay credit card bills; pay for entertainment; pay for their health insurance; save up to buy a car; pay their taxes; etc., Illegal immigrants have been given free passes all across the board without the express consent of the American people.  The American people didn’t approve the re-distribution of their tax payer money to these people- the corrupt American government did.  There was never a proper referendum to approve this rogue misallocation of citizen funds.  

Americans, in particular Generation Xers and Xennials, have been so gracious and generous to illegal immigrants by not causing trouble for them.  Instead, they have quietly observed and tolerated the corrupt misuse of their hard earned tax payer dollars by their own government.  What this silence doesn’t mean is that what has happened IS OK.   It is not ok.  The American government owes Generation X and Xennials reparations for the corrupt globalization that it implemented over the last thirty years.

The American government made it ok to outsource American jobs to different countries with Nafta and it re-distributed tax payer money to illegal immigrants and their children using asylum as an excuse.   These actions defunded Generation X and Xennials because jobs went overseas and money meant to secure the livelihood and quality of life of rightful Americans was squandered and granted to illegal foreigners instead.  Priority access to apartments; education vouchers; job training; free ESL; food stamps; access to free clothing and shoes; vouchers for free entertainment; and organized free medical care went to illegal immigrants and their families.  This injustice is what lead Americans to vote for Donald J. Trump for president in 2016.

What needs to be done is to create new programs and policies that will compensate Generation X and Xennials for the years of suffering and deprivation this corrupt re-allocation of tax payer caused them.  

Some initiatives that can be taken are:

  • immediate cancellation of college debt
  • priority housing placement
  • subsidized housing
  • priority job placement
  • fees collected on money transfers to Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Central America to re-fund Social Security
  • Emmigration options 
  • free foreign language training
  • the ability to collect their social security from any country they move to
  • free/low-cost medical care
  • free higher education
  • food subsidies
  • reduced taxes
  • no taxes or reduced taxes for low to middle income Americans that work abroad
  • vouchers for car purchase

Why not open the hotels for victims of their abusers during Corona Virus lockdown? Priorities need to be reset all across the board.

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The Covid-19 lockdown is a death sentence for many women. Not from the virus, but from being stuck indoors with a violent partner


America is not doing a good job of addressing the Corona Virus Pandemic because the private sector is battling the public sector. This is what happens in a nation that backs the corrupt 1% globalists and paints public interest as “special interest”. It is the Public that pays their taxes, this country belongs to Americans- not the 1% special interest.”

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I’ve heard teachers or administrators say at assemblies things like “you don’t belong in America,” “Israel is your country” and “the IDF are your soldiers… HaTikvah was sung more often than the Pledge of Allegiance or the Star Spangled Banner. Israeli national holidays are taught with a reverence that outstrips what is accorded to religious…

via I’ve taught at six Jewish day schools. They’re preaching dual loyalty to Israel. — If Americans Knew Blog

I’ve taught at six Jewish day schools. They’re preaching dual loyalty to Israel. — If Americans Knew Blog

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The “American” 1% has peaked and even if they manage to stay in office, they are not really in power anymore; just in survival mode.

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Why?  Because globalization has gone global and there are (thankfully) many more prominent players in the arena.  The “American” 1% can no longer contain globalization and globalization is not simply going to go away.  The globalists created a monster.

In addition, Americans know that the 1%’s greed is not sustainable and either a new establishment is formed in the country or Americans will leave the country for better opportunities abroad.

The 1%’s imaginary hold on all things and all people, forever, is crumbling all around them.  The trade war with China is their last grand stand.

As 99 cent stores become 4 dollar stores and young people start thinking of a way out of this sinking ship, the 1% is beholding the sight of their crumbling empire.

Corrupt bold face Jewish American Globalists: Schiff and Nadler, have no awareness or shame

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Over the past two days, Schiff and Nadler have the audacity to testify, ad nauseam, about how Jewish American Globalism IS American National Security.   To support their corrupt global conspiracy, they add the testimony of more Western Global Jewish “experts” to support their “case”.


If you’ve listened to Schiff and Nadler these past two days: It’s the Western Political Global Jew phenomenon at its purest.   It’s the Pharisees at their clearest.  These Western Political Establishment Global Jews truly do call everywhere and nowhere their home.  Their “home” is wherever their personal interests may be and this becomes the podium from where they stand to speak to the world about how they are defending the national interests of innocent sovereign citizens.

They are the Pharisees; they tell the world what is wrong and what is right; who can stay and who must go,  without Ever hearing (much less checking) themselves.  After hearing Schiff and Nadler, I truly have come to understand the nature of the problem when it comes to the Western Political Establishment Global Jew.  It is convoluted yet clear at the same time, which is typical of this unique and age-old problem.


Excellent read: Establishment Jewish American Capitalism is only growing more powerful, decimating the middle-class.

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The big story covered up by all the happy macroeconomic figures repeated by rote by the US establishment – everybody from the president to cable television pundits and Trump fanboys – is the gradual impoverishment of the American worker. That’s an inconvenient truth increasingly difficult to hide as the American dream has turned into a nightmare for huge swathes of the population. As the figures we present below show, the rich are really getting richer, the middle class has been decimated, and half of Americans are poor and destitute of any financial wealth. The super-rich are gobbling up an ever-increasing slice of the American pie at the cost of all the rest who get nothing but table scraps on one side and leftover crumbs on the other, if anything. The resulting stratification of society has brought back a medieval servant economy, where the have-nots are doing odd jobs, cleaning houses, fetching groceries, running errands and deliveries for the feudal rich and the remaining shrinking middle class.


If we lived in a TRUE democracy, citizens would regularly vote on tax money allocation. Instead, corrupt politicians launder our tax dollars to suit their globalist agendas.

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If we lived in a TRUE democracy, citizens would regularly vote on how much tax money to allocate to: illegals; infrastructure; educational programs; housing; health care; and foreign aid to places like Israel, Egypt, and Mexico.

But we Don’t live in a democracy so these things are decided for us by politicians peddling their own corrupt globalist interests.