US spying all over world unacceptable, intolerable, China foreign ministry says-

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“The US spying on its allies is unacceptable, let alone the bold action of tapping the whole world which is utterly intolerable. The United States has always been recognized as the world’s number one secret theft with various methods including simulating signals of base stations to tap into and steal data from cellphones, maneuvering mobile apps, hacking into cloud servers, and even tapping undersea fiber-optic cables,” Wang said.


When will America get smart, dump Israel and go with Iran?

America, foreign agent Israel, Israel

From an economic perspective, it benefits America to dump Israel and go with Iran. Iran has a GDP of 630 Billion while Israel has half of that. Iran has intelligence and research capabilities, natural resources, and a dynamic economy, it is large and geographically important. If America has backed crimes-against-humanity-Israel this long, it certainly cannot claim that Iran’s muslim-centric regime is “not democratic enough” to establish full diplomatic relationships with.

When will America dump Israel and get with the times?

Excellent: The US is the only country to inquire about the IDF strike on the Gaza media tower building and American pro-Israel media pundits are outraged about it on TV. We can all see how “bought” they are as pro-Israel stooges.

America, America synonymous with Israel, foreign agent Israel, Israel

In a great reality check for Israel, the American government actually wants proof backing Israel’s claims that Hamas was working out of the Gaza media tower that Israel destroyed.

Pro-Israel journalists working for the likes of,, and, are outraged that their government is questioning Israel over its destruction of the Gaza media tower which housed the likes of the Associated Press and Al Jezeera. We can guess where their funding/ access to main stream comes from.

The Associated Press should sue Israel for defamation for linking it to Hamas.