Fox News is walking a fine line with its continued support for Donald Trump

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It’s been 3 days since we saw Trump terrorism unleashed on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C.

In the aftermath, Fox News and virtually ALL of its anchors have given Donald Trump a free pass on the network asserting that “liberty” is at stake.

This is utterly irresponsible. Trump followers have turned into a dangerous sect on par with the Davidians from Waco, Texas. And Fox news continues to nudge them on.

Tonight, Tucker Carlson took a jab at CNN reporter, Brianna Keilar, for suggesting that his right-wing pro-Trump show be taken off the air. How professional can she be, he chuckled? She must aspire to be an anchor of my rank, he boasted. As he carried on, a stark truth revealed itself: his job is nowhere near as secure as he thinks it is.

As I see it, it is only a matter of time, before Fox News anchors that continue to defend Donald Trump with every argument they can think of, meet one of three fates:

1- Either they get fired

2- Or they become forced to resign

3- Or they become obligated to join Trump’s mass media network in order to continue to receive pay.

I foresee that these anchors will have a hard time remaining employed in the future because they refuse to condemn Donald Trump.

If the American people could put a waning politician like Joe Biden in the Oval Office, just to spare themselves from another Trump term, if Twitter and Facebook de-platformed Trump from their social media sites, then certainly the tide could turn against pro-Trump anchors on Fox News, as well. These anchors, and their guests, choose to laugh now, but I don’t think they will be laughing for very long when they lose their careers for repeatedly siding with a maniac.

Inconvenient truth halted: A Fox show called out Newt Gingrich for his George Soros rhetoric.

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The truth is a “conspiracy theory” when it isn’t covenient for watchdog Jews.


Serious: Kelly Craft, UN mouthpiece for Trump, makes it clear that America intends to topple president Xi Jinping and introduce Democracy to China. This would be WW3.

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The blatant way in which she spoke on Fox news today is nothing less than shocking.

I wonder what China’s response will be to what she said.

In addition, the last I heard, President Trump wanted America to withdraw from the UN for being “unfair” to Israel. I guess he thought twice about it and figured that America is better off using the United Nations as a platform to further its dirty global agenda.

In the event of a military draft, the American government better believe that young American men will refuse to fight the Global Elite’s war. Times are different now and there just isn’t the solidarity among citizens to fight a completely unnecessary war just so the American Global Elite can make an extra buck.

Kill, create havoc abroad, and use tax payer money now; explain actions later in a neat PR tour on TV

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Following Trump’s operation to kill Iranian General Soleimani, turn on your TV, listen to Fox News (which has turned into American State News!) and hear all these nicely lined up talking points for all the hell that is breaking lose around the world thanks to the American Political Establishment.  It is tactical, patronizing, wrong, and revolting.