Singapore politician sued a blogger and won for posting a negative article about him on Facebook

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Usually, politicians involved in corruption deny it and denounce the claims as false and leave it at that. This ruling in Singapore helps corrupt politicians to be legally protected from criticism and accusations. It’s a sad development for freedom of speech in Singapore.


Convenient thoughtwashing: Twitter also decides to ban Holocaust denial posts

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Denying the official Jewish version of the Holocaust, in America, is closer and closer to becoming a crime like it is in France.

Americans are facing rampant censorship now in a clear sign of tyranny and dictatorship- not a free democracy.

Jews are FAR from the only people that faced mass killing in the World Wars or in World history, for that matter. It is widely disputed that 6 million Jews were singled out and killed during WW2. 6 million Jews is not a minority population number for Europe in the 1940s, despite Jews stating that they were a persecuted minority during that war.

In addition, having seen a WW2 European encampment with my own eyes, decades ago, the facility seemed more like a labor camp. The furnace, where bodies were cremated, seemed small to handle such alleged high volumes of victims for years and years.

But coming to one’s own conclusion now about a matter of world history is now virtually outlawed in America. This is clearly thought control and a violation of freedom of speech.

Yes it does: Repression of speech and scholarship on Palestine needs to end — Israel Palestine News

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More than a thousand academics and lawyers have signed an open letter calling on academic and government institutions around the world to cease subjecting those defending justice for Palestinians to censorship and penalties… A Canadian University rescinded a job offer after an Israel partisan complained… in the U.S. there have been 1,494 incidents… in France…

Repression of speech and scholarship on Palestine needs to end — Israel Palestine News

France is one of the first Western cities to be saturated with Jews, so Holocaust denial there is a crime.

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People have the right to doubt history as it has been told by the Western Elites and their Zionist consorts.

-In WW2, more Chinese were killed by the Japanese than Jews by Hitler.

-The American atomic bomb (dropped twice on Japan) evaporated hundreds of thousands of Japanese citizens and innocent children in a disproportionate attack after Pearl Harbor. The biological after-effects of the bombs were felt by future Japanese for generations to come.

-Russia lost a staggering amount of soldiers in WW2.

-Native Americans were almost exterminated by the Americans during their colonial conquest of North America

-Black people were sold into slavery for centuries by Jews

All of these facts are highly disputed by “experts” who put a manifest destiny spin on these horrendous acts of crime against humanity. But Holocaust denial, of course, is exceptional; it’s a crime that cannot be disputed and merits serious prosecution in France.

First of all, Jews were a powerful minority in Europe during the World War era; but it is a fact that “six million Jews” in the early-mid 1900’s is anything but a “minority number”. That doesn’t hold up. In addition, so many more fled to countries around the world like Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Cuba, America, and others. That sounds like at least a couple of million more which, again, is not a “minority number”.

Jewish exceptionalism is something that people don’t have to believe in FREE COUNTRIES, but it is forced upon them (whether they like it or not) as a matter of fact. For this reason, “The West” is not free.

The world is tired of Jewish tyranny.

New York: Lebanese Government Defends Intellectual Freedom of Diplomat Against Zionist Intimidation Campaign — Aletho News

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By Eric Striker – National Justice – August 14, 2020 The Lebanese consul in New York City refused to cower to a Jewish-led mob demanding the firing of Abir Taha, a Lebanese intellectual and career diplomat who serves as the consul general. Taha, whose books have been published by Arktos, has written academic books about […]

New York: Lebanese Government Defends Intellectual Freedom of Diplomat Against Zionist Intimidation Campaign — Aletho News

Just as Western Establishment Jews demand that China open its doors to their “pro-democracy journalists”, Citizens around the world should also demand that Israel open its doors to independent journalists so that the world can see what Israel does to Palestinians and the people it doesn’t like based on race, ethnicity, religion, political views, etc.

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Israel must open its doors to independent journalists so that people, all over the world, can have unbiased news about the Israeli regime.