Britain’s dreams of colonial greatness flail desperately.

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In a similar effort, as the United States, to curtail consumer relationships with foreign countries, Britain is shamefully making sure that British consumers pay exhorbitant customs fees before receiving their products, ordered from abroad.


The corrupt American Establishment’s mantra of, “Globalism for me and not for thee” must stop immediately.

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As I have already pointed out, attempting to return to global American Establishment Capitalist Supremacy is futile and obsolete. America had it and squandered it; its dominance will not return because nations across the world, now, can cut a better deal elsewhere. America is no longer the only gig in town.

Today’s globalism will not rewind, as Trump feverishly hoped, it will only move forward. America must immediately cease and desist its attacks on global economic prosperity and integrated global business models. Instead, it must prepare to integrate with new global business models and innovate, all across the board, for its own economic and political survival.

Why is America demonizing the rise of China? Because market predicatability and market dominance is EVERYTHING to the American Global Elite.

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In the 1600s, the Dutch went looking for India to bring back home spices. Instead, they happened upon America (that’s another story). This very simple act of looking for variety still stands today and any day, any time. People want OPTIONS. People value variety.

However, the Corrupt Global Elite American Establishment wants to make sure that you don’t have any options- except to go to them for all of your needs. They want to be the Permanent Middle Man. They aim to be the Gate Keeper.

Don’t be fooled. Globalism is everything and that is why the American Global Elite are keeping it from you and fighting for supreme global rule at the same time. This helps them to predict the market and when the elite can actively sabotage reality so that people only go to them for products and services- that creates market dominance.

The complete decline of America due to minority-majority rule; establishment capitalism (which idolizes the quick buck instead of meaningful wide-spread human advancement); the Central Americanization and Domini-cazation of America, is cause to leave America.

Wise Americans will embrace a global future with options and variety. How can Americans do this? Do as the global elite do: learn a foreign language; get a dual passport (or renounce citizenship to live somewhere where opportunities are more abundant and quality of life is better); learn about global products and markets; learn about different countries; read authentic global news outlets; and make your move.

Opportunity lies in New Policies and Innovation across the world: EU: Africa Hackathon looking for participants and partners to jumpstart cross-continent innovation — Africa Online News

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“Cooperation between African and European scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs can make a decisive contribution, not only to defeat the pandemic, but crucially also to accelerate economic recovery. This hackathon will make an important contribution to enable such partnerships and it is, thus, an initiative, South Africa is delighted to support.”Dr. Blade Nzimande, SA Minister Higher Education, Science and Innovation

EU: Africa Hackathon looking for participants and partners to jumpstart cross-continent innovation — Africa Online News

How do we fight Establishment Jewish Globalism? With your version, my version and China’s version of globalism: inclusive globalism- not abusive and exploitative globalism

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In other words, beat the globalists at their own game by knowing Globalism and using it responsibly!   This is their Achilles Heel.  As COVERT Experts of globalism and globalization, they don’t WANT people to know how they operate.

This is what China has been doing and it has caused major damage to Jewish American political interest; this is why the Jewish- America- One- Percent is furious with China.

The “American” 1% has peaked and even if they manage to stay in office, they are not really in power anymore; just in survival mode.

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Why?  Because globalization has gone global and there are (thankfully) many more prominent players in the arena.  The “American” 1% can no longer contain globalization and globalization is not simply going to go away.  The globalists created a monster.

In addition, Americans know that the 1%’s greed is not sustainable and either a new establishment is formed in the country or Americans will leave the country for better opportunities abroad.

The 1%’s imaginary hold on all things and all people, forever, is crumbling all around them.  The trade war with China is their last grand stand.

As 99 cent stores become 4 dollar stores and young people start thinking of a way out of this sinking ship, the 1% is beholding the sight of their crumbling empire.

Millennial entrepreneurs have a critical role to play in the long-term health of the U.S. economy. Unfortunately, right now they are MIA. Helping them get onto the startup field will better ensure their prosperity and well-being—and ours.

via Millennials MIA among U.S. Entrepreneur Class: Why It Really Matters — Wicked Problems, Wicked Solutions

Millennials MIA among U.S. Entrepreneur Class: Why It Really Matters — Wicked Problems, Wicked Solutions

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