As usual, citizens are caught in the crossfire: India’s Tik Tok ban following border clash with China disenfranchised countless of everyday Indians gaining a following on the Chinese video platform.- Al

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In a pathetic attempt to stay in control of the narrative Twitter will be labeling more foreign accounts (except India where its Prime Minister Modi sometimes posts racist garbage against Muslim Indians and also asks Twitter to block anti-government protestors from using the platform).

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Chinese wisdom, Global Times Editor-in-chief is right: Advocating US-India relations based on “common democratic values” is hypocritical


There is no “democracy” in a partnership where one party dominates, dictates to, and exploits the other. Mr. Hu is right in that the US’ partnership with India is one of convenience because it considers India to be in a [favorable] position of weakness, therefore beggars cannot be chosers; India must go along with America since it cannot possibly compete with China on its own.

It is in India’s interest to have a working relationship with China as that could elevate its strategic position in the Asia-Pacific and better protects its national interests.

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