Great: Japan indicts Ghosn’s escape architects which have been extradited to Japan from America

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This is a great development. These two American independent military contractors must face the consequences of aiding Carlos Ghosn, a corrupt white collar former Nissan executive, to escape from prison in Japan. 2 Turkish pilots, also charged with assisting in Ghosn’s escape, have already been convicted.

Despicable: Chris Wallace said that dropping the atomic bomb on Japan saved Japanese lives

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Chris Wallace, an outdated establishment neo-con “journalist” (propaganda-ist) had the audacity to say on Fox news, last week, that dropping the atomic bomb on Japan saved Japanese lives because an American invasion would have taken more lives instead.

In my view, he is incorrect. What he really means to say is that American lives were saved by dropping the atomic bomb, because Japan was going to put up a fight. America simply wanted to circumvent that fight by unfairly going nuclear which was an incredibly underhanded and hateful move. 75 years later, there is still no justification for dropping two atomic bombs on Japan no matter what establishment politicians and “journalists” say.


The corrupt Jewish-American Western global elite establishment violates the sovereignty of countries all over the world yet hates to be stopped by their rightful citizens

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One Japanese artist’s work is deeply connected to her desire to see American military bases get off of Japanese land, specifically: Okinawa.  I do not blame her.  After WW2, the powerful American Western Jewish Establishment wrongly set up military bases in Okinawa (and all over the world) from which to constantly watch foreign citizens and pose a threat to them and their regional geographical neighbors.

It is the same premise as the Israeli theft of the Syrian Golan Heights:  Zionists argue that they need that land to carry out surveillance “to protect Israel”.

It is the same as:

Israel’s violation of Lebanon’s air space.

Israel’s confiscation of Palestinian land.

Israel’s aim to annex Jordan.

Israel’s perpetual aim to occupy and annex land which is not theirs which is wrong.

You can hear this Japanese artist’s perspective in NHK World’s TV series:

Japan from Above


Why I am against US sanctions on North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela.

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It is not fair to make sure that people living in your “competition-country” starve, have no water, or electricity; then say that the leadership of the country failed to provide a secure and free life for its people.  This is sabatoge.  No leader wants to see their people starve.  However, this image of failure, exposed to the world, is unfortunately accomplished with American sanctions, which are bullying and abusive.