To get out of its way: Israel’s plan for the King of Jordan

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Out of control Israeli Zionist Jewry is hard at work trying to completely overhaul the entire Middle East in its favor- even if it has to overthrow a King- very ruthless AND pathetic.


It is not a Jewish “civil right”, in America, to have Israelis kill Palestinians in the Middle East. Trump’s new anti-Semitism law is utterly flawed.

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Civilians, in America, have the right, in a real democracy, to protest against murderous religious extremism and racist apartheid- even if it’s happening in Israel.

The bill that son-in-law and corrupt Zionist, Jared Kushner, gave to President Trump to sign into law equates Jewishness with Israel’s right to do as it sees fit to Palestinians without facing criticism from Americans- particularly those in college where the BDS movement has been gaining traction.

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It has long been decided- particularly since Trump put Jared Kushner in charge of “Peace in the Middle East”. It’s whatever Israel wants, period.

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Total Zionist Jewish Tyranny is the only way to “Peace”- anywhere.   In fact, I personally believe that Netanyahu lost his fifth term run but forced his opponent to concede victory because Trump and Netanyahu are on a roll carrying out extreme Israeli policy around the world.  A change in prime minister would hinder Trump and Netanyahu’s momentum.

No two-state solution is Trump/Kushner/Netanyahu’s solution; I condemn Israeli tyranny, violence, and apartheid.

Trump administration discourages use of ‘two-state solution’

Two-state solution negotiations ‘failed,’ Jared Kushner says

The Business of Poverty: Jared Kushner-founded firm buys hot real estate under program for poor

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This is how the Western One Percent profits off of impoverished communities and illegal immigrant settlements.