Those involved in the rioting, looting and violence are not going to check whether you are “woke” or not when they come to your neighborhood — © blogfactory

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Vast Stretches Of America Have Now Descended Into A State Of Deep Economic Hopelessness BY TYLER DURDENMONDAY, APR 19, 2021 – 06:30 PM Authored by Michael Snyder via, Even though the stock market has been booming and the corporate media is full of talk about “recovery”, there are many communities in the United States where a permanent […]

Those involved in the rioting, looting and violence are not going to check whether you are “woke” or not when they come to your neighborhood — © blogfactory

The corrupt American Establishment’s mantra of, “Globalism for me and not for thee” must stop immediately.

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As I have already pointed out, attempting to return to global American Establishment Capitalist Supremacy is futile and obsolete. America had it and squandered it; its dominance will not return because nations across the world, now, can cut a better deal elsewhere. America is no longer the only gig in town.

Today’s globalism will not rewind, as Trump feverishly hoped, it will only move forward. America must immediately cease and desist its attacks on global economic prosperity and integrated global business models. Instead, it must prepare to integrate with new global business models and innovate, all across the board, for its own economic and political survival.

American Establishment Capitalists do not want change: they want the world to return to their model of colonial supremacy and that’s just not possible anymore as we are in a different world than 1950.

America, American double standards, Jewish Capitalism, Western Colonial Exploitation

For America, there is no going back to the good old capitalist days of the 50’s and 60’s or even the 90’s; we are now living in a globalized and digitally connected economy with so many more market players than before.

It is impossible for America (or England) to return to its former days of Global Capitalist Colonial Supremacy which demands all or nothing deals and has little to offer its own citizens and its global business partners in terms of long term wealth and prosperity. This model of operation is now rightfully eschewed around the world.

Nations have developed (and will continue to do so) and will form new global commerce chains and political alliances. Integration is key, but it is not what the Establishment Capitalists want. They do not want integration; they prefer supremacy. Now is not the time for America to hold the progress of humanity back by sabotaging global development so that a mere few can continue to sit on their laurels and enjoy maximum wealth at the expense of others.

This model will simply not rise again without another World War which is something that no one wants.

Thanks to Jewish Wall Street, water will soon become a commodity.

Jewish Capitalism, water

The same anything goes people that can appropriate water from Palestinians on the West bank, now see water as a key lucrative global commodity that will trade on Wall street in the near future.

It is a desperate attempt to gain a leg up in today’s extremely competitive global market economy.


African and US development financiers reaffirm their commitment to attracting greater private sector capital to Africa — Financing for Development in Africa

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The continent’s largest development finance institutions have emphasized that a sustained and collaborative approach among development partners to scale up project development activities, will boost the number of bankable projects attracting investor interest and contribute to closing the infrastructure finance gap in Africa. They spoke during a panel event to discuss their organizations’ role in […]

African and US development financiers reaffirm their commitment to attracting greater private sector capital to Africa — Financing for Development in Africa

I feel so sorry for people that are at Trump’s rallies believing his lies.

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  1. “I’m bringing the jobs back from China”

Translation: We’re going to find other cheap countries in Asia (like India) to outsource production to because capitalists STILL don’t want to pay the wages that Americans expect.

2. Trump toots his, “peace plan in the Middle East” and what he doesn’t realize is that whenever he does that, he is acting exactly like the kind of Zionist Global Elite that Americans are sick of.

3. ‘Maybe I’ll add a remittance fee for illegals sending their money back to their countries.’

Reality: He said he would do it in 2016, and did not.

4. Thanks to Trump, Americans are now paying TAXES every single time they make a purchase online.

5. Thanks to Trump, everyday products that Americans need cost MORE because of his trade war with China.

6. Under his watch, “Big Pharma” ripped off the American people by raising drug costs and insurance premiums sky high.

7. ‘ They want to re-distribute tax payer money for the welfare of illegals.’

Reality: He is all for the same exact thing- that’s why he didn’t change it. Moreover, the Global American Elites strongly believe that middle-class taxes should sponsor their illegal cheap laborers!

Serious: Kelly Craft, UN mouthpiece for Trump, makes it clear that America intends to topple president Xi Jinping and introduce Democracy to China. This would be WW3.

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The blatant way in which she spoke on Fox news today is nothing less than shocking.

I wonder what China’s response will be to what she said.

In addition, the last I heard, President Trump wanted America to withdraw from the UN for being “unfair” to Israel. I guess he thought twice about it and figured that America is better off using the United Nations as a platform to further its dirty global agenda.

In the event of a military draft, the American government better believe that young American men will refuse to fight the Global Elite’s war. Times are different now and there just isn’t the solidarity among citizens to fight a completely unnecessary war just so the American Global Elite can make an extra buck.