America synonomous with Israeli Tech: ‘We scratched the Moon alright!’ NASA releases Israeli lander crash site PHOTOS

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Notice “We” is referring to NASA AND ISRAEL, once again.

Israel (synonomous with Jewish American Tech) is racing to catch up to Chinese Tech in so so many ways these days.  Why are they playing catch up?  Because while Western Jewry has been focused on exploiting markets and creating havoc on the world, the Chinese have been focused on self-improvement, innovation, and win-win prosperity partnerships with countries around the world.


Why I am against US sanctions on North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela.

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It is not fair to make sure that people living in your “competition-country” starve, have no water, or electricity; then say that the leadership of the country failed to provide a secure and free life for its people.  This is sabatoge.  No leader wants to see their people starve.  However, this image of failure, exposed to the world, is unfortunately accomplished with American sanctions, which are bullying and abusive.