Hypocrite: Israeli “public intellectual”, Yuval Hariri, tells Japanese students that one group of people should not consider themselves more important than another; what about Israeli genocide of Palestinians, due to superiority? That’s not an example for these kind of hypocrites that pretend to be experts ON THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY and all things HUMANITY and civilization.

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Israeli “public intellectual” Yuval Harrir had the audacity to say to young students on NHK-World Japan that one of the greatest fictions, if not the greatest, is religion. How does that go over with his fellow country men in Israel, I wonder? Religion should not be labeled “fiction”, like this, nor should one group of people consider themselves more important than another so that things like genocide happen; this goes for Jews as well. But Israelis are killing Palestinians in the West Bank because of their extremist belief that these people do not exist (“Palestinians do not exist”) and that Jews hold a biblical lease over the land that justifies the genocide of Palestinians to make way for illegal Jewish settlements. Do the students even know this?? Are they even aware?

Jewish exceptionalism does not hold up (especially in the context of their outright hypocrisy) no matter what they quote (bible) or what they say; none of it gives them the right to carry out genocide.

In fact, because of the Israeli genocide of Palestinians, an Israeli should be the last person lecturing young Japanese minds about how humanity should conduct itself. Booking this professor for this purpose is positively controversial, but things like this go under the radar in America because this presentation was done on a Japanese channel: NHK World Japan.

Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9drNVSuyp0w

Conviction of 93-Year-Old War Veteran Is Latest Embarrassment for German Legal System — Aletho News

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By Eric Striker • National Justice • August 11, 2020 Last November, Moshe Loth testified as a plaintiff in the trial of wheelchair-bound nonagenarian Bruno Dey. Loth accused him of being an accessory to his torture and grandmother’s gassing during the “Holocaust” at the Stutthof concentration camp in the final years of World War II. […]

Conviction of 93-Year-Old War Veteran Is Latest Embarrassment for German Legal System — Aletho News

Just as Western Establishment Jews demand that China open its doors to their “pro-democracy journalists”, Citizens around the world should also demand that Israel open its doors to independent journalists so that the world can see what Israel does to Palestinians and the people it doesn’t like based on race, ethnicity, religion, political views, etc.

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Israel must open its doors to independent journalists so that people, all over the world, can have unbiased news about the Israeli regime.

Israel is preparing to maintain that a total of $150 billion in compensation for the land of Jews who migrated out of Arab nations to occupied Palestine, I Source: Israel wants $150bn compensation for Jews who left Arab countries – Middle East Monitor – The Union Journal

via Israel wants $150bn compensation for Jews who left Arab countries – Middle East Monitor – The Union Journal — Middle Eastern Eye

Israel wants money coming in, not going out: Israel wants $150bn compensation for Jews who left Arab countries – Middle East Monitor – The Union Journal — Middle Eastern Eye

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Though Israel expects money to come in to it from other nations, Israelis, as people, do not give to international causes. In their view: they are the international cause.

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Please read this very revealing article on Israel’s general lack of generosity when it comes to international causes.


Growing global health crisis: Orthodox Jewish Measles outbreak is sending the law and public safety to hell because of their “religious exemption” from innoculation

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Neither the law nor public safety supercedes the Orthodox Jewish community’s religious exemption from complying with mandatory measles vaccination.