Praise for: ‘Death to Arabs’: Palestinians Need International Protection From Israel’s Racist Jewish Thugs- Haaretz opinion

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Palestinians certainly do need international protection from racist Jews, period.


Let’s call them what they are: Violent Colonizers! Jewish settlers torch agricultural land in West Bank town of Mikhmas — Aletho News

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Palestine Information Center – September 13, 2020 OCCUPIED JERUSALEM – A group of Jewish settlers on Saturday set fire to swaths of agricultural land belonging to Palestinian citizens in Mikhmas town in the northeast of Occupied Jerusalem. According to local sources, a horde of settlers were seen touring an area near Mikhmas town before entering […]

Jewish settlers torch agricultural land in West Bank town of Mikhmas — Aletho News

Certain kinds of racism are OK in double standard America

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Whether it is Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen or Palestine we see that non-white lives do not matter when there are no political points to score. Indeed, condemning the slaughter of Palestinians could be enough to get you labeled an anti-Semite by those who remain suspiciously silent when real anti-Semitism rears its ugly head.  –

Trump’s hostility toward China and its products is blatant discrimination based on country of national origin

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America’s hostility toward China is blatantly racist as it discriminates based on national origin. To cover up this discrimination, Trump makes baseless accusations about Chinese companies all in an effort to sabotage Chinese business. This is deplorable.

Trump’s proposed ban on Chinese Tik Tok is pure facism, not global free market capitalism. Hypocritical America wants to sell products its 1% makes to the world but it doesn’t want to give American consumers valuable products from abroad, depriving us of consumer choice.