When it comes to foreign interference, espionage, and data harvesting, America is number 1

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It is more dangerous for the American government (synonymous with Israel) to be all in the personal lives of Americans, than it is for China to have American consumer information for product customization purposes.

At the heart of the American Establishment’s discrimination against China is simply a deep hatred of competition. This is against the free market capitalism that America claims to embrace.

China knows that America is utterly hypocritical.



News that should be Huge in the West, but is published on the low in Israel: Microsoft to Sell Stake in Israeli Facial Recognition Startup after probes into ethics violations!!!

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Microsoft to Sell Stake in Israeli Facial Recognition Startup

Link:    https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/microsoft-to-sell-stakes-in-israeli-facial-recognition-startup-report-says-1.8717292