FAKE “Humanitarian” United Nations: Zarif: US economic terrorism prevents Iran from paying for food, let alone UN dues- Presstv.com

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Iran’s foreign minister has criticized the United Nations’ decision to deprive Tehran of its voting rights in the 193-member General Assembly due to arrears, saying the UN ignores the fact that US sanctions prevent Iran from paying even for food.

Link: https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2021/06/03/658186/Zarif-UN-takes-Iran-voting-right-ignoring-US-economic-terrorism

Laughable: Forget privacy violating Google and freedom of Speech censoring Facebook and Twitter. India is suing Ali Baba’s Jack Ma (Chinese Billionaire) for “censoring” content.

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So this is what the US is up to in India: starting a war between India and China.



Excerpt: “What is the West? Evolving from a generic geographic term pertaining to Europe, it alludes to a group of countries who claim a mantle of political and social supremacy over the binary “other” of the non-West, or more specifically “East.”- Tom Fowdy, Global Times.com

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A good read:

Ideological narcissism causes heavy losses to West amid outbreak

Link:  https://www.globaltimes.cn/content/1182586.shtml

Too much truth: WordPress takes down another blogger (Wide Awake Gentile) posting about the Jewish/British led “West”

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First it was Peoples Trust Toronto, now it’s Wide Awake Gentile:  both blogs have been taken down by WordPress for “violations of their terms of service.”

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Sputnik – December 20, 2019 The US Democratic National Committee has published a list of recommendations on how to combat online disinformation. This list of “tips and additional resources” mentions Russian “propaganda outlets like RT & Sputnik.” “Don’t let yourself be manipulated. Be aware of Russian propaganda outlets like RT & Sputnik and educate yourself […]

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Corrupt American establishment warns public against alternative news sources like RT: US Democratic Party Warns Supporters of ‘Disinformation’ from Russia’s RT and Sputnik — Aletho News

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UK officials have stonewalled a campaign to expose a group that funded a park used to aid the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians Middle East Eye – 16 January 2019 When is a war crime not a war crime? When, according to British officials, that war crime has been given a makeover as a “charitable act”. […]

via How Britain dresses up crimes in Israel as ‘charitable acts’ — Friends of Syria

The Political Ends of Western Establishment “Charity”: How Britain dresses up crimes in Israel as ‘charitable acts’ — Friends of Syria

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