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America in decline, America synonymous with Israel, Jews, Jews and Capitalism

Why Debt is the official business of the economy Seventy percent of the US economy depends on consumer spending. But wealthy people, who now own more of the economy than at any time since the 1920s, spend only a small percentage of their incomes. Lower-income people, who were in trouble even before the pandemic, spend […]

Why So Much Wealth at the Top Threatens the US Economy | The Smirking Chimp — olddogthoughts

Anglo Israeli American Jewry has risen and fallen. Reconfiguring itself in a world with more players will be very difficult

America, America synonymous with Israel, American Jewish West, Britain, Jews and Capitalism

In a nutshell, England colonized America a couple of centuries ago.

For all intents and purposes, America has remained an English colony to this day: it is a proxy for Britain.

England passed America the buck to finish creating Israel after their Balfour Declaration.

Israel was key in arranging the New World Order post WW2.

Anglo Israeli America rose up, in modern times, via Hollywood and the production of commodities which Jews helped to pioneer, market, and/or produce (abroad).

Anglo-Israeli cultural supremacy furthered racial labels and division in America and abroad (in “The West”); it also attacked the Catholic church.

The Anglo Israeli American creedo of Exceptionalism exploited foreign workers, in the name of “American Capitalism” (for example, cheap production labor: in China; India; and Thailand). This same premise backed up the policy of allowing millions of illegals to enter into America to prop up terrible trade deals with impoverished and crime ridden nations such as CAFTA-DR and Mexico via NAFTA

In the meantime, China was lifting itself up and out of poverty by: learning production; attacking poverty at home; innovating the future with cutting edge technology and ambitious infrastructure projects; diversifying its global markets with mutually beneficial relationships (via its 5G technology, expanded trade partnerships, and the Belt and Road Initiative project).

Britain/Israel/America will have a very hard time catching up to China because the collective rise of the Orient will fight the exploitative regime of Anglo-Israeli-American supremacy in their home land.

Since the political, racial, and economic model of Anglo-Israeli-America is based on supremacy, it will have a hard time selling itself again to all the people it has already burned badly!

Anglo-Israeli-America is effectively re-packaging itself in an attempt to maintain global supremacy but re-packaging its status quo destructive; corrupt; and selfish economic and political model will not be an easy re-sell at all!

Global Free Market Threat: Trump bans business transactions with Tik Tok and WeChat in 45 days.

China, Fake American Capitalism, Jews and Capitalism, Trump

President Trump sounds like an idiot when he calls global free market competition a “National Security Threat to America”. If you think about it, it speaks of how scared the “Establishment American Globalist” is about actually becoming a casuality in their own Capitalist system which is supposed to embrace competition– not ban it!

Weak! Very weak.


Not so shocking: Shocking number of Americans say other countries are better- Campus reform.org

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  • A poll found that among young Democrats, almost half prefer other countries over the U.S.
  • The poll also noted Republicans who like other countries in the same age group barely reach 20 percent.
  • Fifty-five percent of Democrats in the same age group wouldn’t mind if other countries became as militarily powerful as the U.S.

Source:  https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=14195

Excellent read: Establishment Jewish American Capitalism is only growing more powerful, decimating the middle-class.

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The big story covered up by all the happy macroeconomic figures repeated by rote by the US establishment – everybody from the president to cable television pundits and Trump fanboys – is the gradual impoverishment of the American worker. That’s an inconvenient truth increasingly difficult to hide as the American dream has turned into a nightmare for huge swathes of the population. As the figures we present below show, the rich are really getting richer, the middle class has been decimated, and half of Americans are poor and destitute of any financial wealth. The super-rich are gobbling up an ever-increasing slice of the American pie at the cost of all the rest who get nothing but table scraps on one side and leftover crumbs on the other, if anything. The resulting stratification of society has brought back a medieval servant economy, where the have-nots are doing odd jobs, cleaning houses, fetching groceries, running errands and deliveries for the feudal rich and the remaining shrinking middle class.



Little reported on matter: Jewish American Tech stifles competition

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Establishment Jewish American Tech is a strong example of fake Jewish “capitalism”.  It does not embrace competition; it stifles it to make way for Jewish Industry Supremacy.  On top of that, it corruptly aims to liase itself with government protection.