It never Ends: There is Jewish recruitment, happening now, that aims to continue German Holocaust reparation payments to CHILDREN of Holocaust survivors.

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Though Israel expects money to come in to it from other nations, Israelis, as people, do not give to international causes. In their view: they are the international cause.

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Please read this very revealing article on Israel’s general lack of generosity when it comes to international causes.

Trump is an Establishment Globalist: Vote for Bernie Sanders!

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In 2020, we must choose the lesser evil for president.  I believe that lesser evil is Bernie Sanders.  At the very least, he aims to fund education, cancel long-standing predatory college debt, and make healthcare available to all.

Trump is an Establishment Globalist:

He is not taxing the money transfers of illegals
He has increased our taxes
He will not make housing more affordable
He will not do anything to lower the price of college
He will not cancel long-standing college debt
He did not create vocational programs
He did Zero for the homeless in Washington, California, and NYC where his buddies are realtors and landlords
He is not seriously building a wall
He is not revoking freedom of movement for illegals
He is not stopping crime
He is giving jobs and billions of dollars to Israel
He is making our discount stores more expensive
He made it ok to tax our online purchases
He has created hostility towards Chinese and Hispanics
He is selling America out to the ‘Private Sector’

Vote Bernie Sanders!

Chantilly, France: G7 urges tough Libra regulation, agrees to tax American digital giants

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Frightened about losing its global prominence, American economic Jewry has come up with Libra- a send money/money exchange digital currency service via Facebook.

G7 countries agree, in principal, that Facebook’s digital currency, Libra, should be taxed.  The American government sees this as “discrimination” due to nationality.  We know who quickly alleges “discrimination” going back hundreds of years, when they don’t get their way:  Jews.

We also know who pioneered the American law that says no one should be discriminated against for their race, religion, or nationality: political Jews.  This was so that a path could be cleared for them to rise up based upon their collective power as Jews.

And yet, “America” (run by politically-oriented Jews and the nation of Israel) calls its own citizens: brown people, white people, black people, paints Arabs it doesn’t like as “terrorists”, and labels the Chinese “security threats” and “spies”.  I find this not only hypocritical but repulsive.

The truth is that powerful Jews aim to create their own “nation” in other countries under the guise of American corporations which get to operate under their own rules, laws, and land “ownership”.  Nations that push back against this (like China) are attacked with trade wars and American military presence in their region.  This is deplorable because it is all about gaining global Dominance:  what happens to citizens, around the world, is just collateral damage as far as self-serving political Jews are concerned.

American Jewry aims to colonize other nations under the front of “American” Corporations and now its own “global digital currency” through its big tech companies.