The Galilee church where Jesus was believed to have performed miracle of feeding 5,000 followers was set alight in arson attack carried out by extremist Jewish settlers. Source: Israeli settlers set Catholic Church in Galilee on fire

via Israeli settlers set Catholic Church in Galilee on fire — Middle Eastern Eye

Israeli settlers set Catholic Church in Galilee on fire — Middle Eastern Eye

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Even more than simply Christians, they are CATHOLICS.

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The mainstream media used “church blasts”  “Easter worshippers”  “church explosion”  but it did not publicize  or vocalize the more fitting reference CATHOLICS when breaking news about the Sri Lanka Catholic church bombing yesterday.

Anti-Semitism burnout: American Jews welcome Trump’s long awaited Anti-Semitism global ambassador

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Now Political Establishment Jews feel more “protected” (or rather, protected from legitimate scrutiny).

How about because of Christ-hating Jews, peace loving Jesus Christ didn’t live past 33!?  Don’t drag Jesus Christ and Christians into this.  Do we see Jews staunchly defend Catholics and the Catholic church when under attack?  No, not at all.  In fact, they often lead the attacks against Christianity especially Catholicism.  Many Jews believe Jesus is fake and that the Catholic faith is fake.  They also accuse the Catholic church of not doing more for them in WW2 while promoting the Catholic church pedophile scandals in the news.

When they do praise Jesus, on Christian TV networks, they end up asking for money from Christians for the well-being of Holocaust survivors and the security of Israel.  This is like the bad break up that never ends-  Jews should stop trying to blend in/meddle with the Christian/Catholic faith and leave Christians out of their own troubles.  Christianity and Judaism are as different as apples and oranges.

While these developments (below) are unfortunate, it is theirs alone to bear.  They can call for public moral support, but it’s wrong to drag Christians into this and assert that attacks on Jews are inherently attacks on them also.  That’s just more political guilt-tripping and corrupt coalition-building. 

One video showed a 51-year-old Jewish man being beaten to the ground by three young men, who seemed to select him at random. Another showed an Orthodox Jewish man being chased across the street by a man wielding a tree branch. A third showed an Orthodox Jewish man hanging on to a fence as an […]

via An Attack On the Jews is An Attack on Christians, for Without the Jews There is No Christ and No Christianity: Number of Anti-Semitic Attacks Rise in New York City — BCNN1 WP

What?: An Attack On the Jews is An Attack on Christians, for Without the Jews There is No Christ and No Christianity: Number of Anti-Semitic Attacks Rise in New York City — BCNN1 WP

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More Catholic schools closing in Jew York City

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Since 2011, 60 Catholic schools have closed in addition to numerous Catholic churches that have also been closed.

Today, on Jew York One (NY1), we learn that 7 more Catholic schools are slated for closure in New York City.

  • It is no surprise that the Catholic faith (and Catholic schools and churches) cannot flourish with Political Establishment Jewry in control.
  • Mainstream Jewry generally views strong and plentiful Catholic communities as Jewish terrorism.
  • Establishment Jewry has painted the Catholic church as a haven for pedophiles while it ignores its own problem with its perverse practice of Rabbis sucking on a male baby’s penis after customary circumcision AND Jewish representation in the world of sexual trafficking of children.
  • Establishment Jewry portrays the Catholic faith as retrograde and oppressive while it depicts all things Jewish as modern and progressive.
  • Establishment Jewry enjoys using the Catholic church to further its progressive agenda by incorporating Jewish education and memorial statues in Catholic spaces, (via the pretext of teaching tolerance and interfaith worship) and by using the church as a moral Christian cover for the misallocation of American tax dollars to prop up illegal immigrants, the nation of Israel, and engage in the pursuit of their hypocritical and corrupt, “Democracy, Freedom, and Justice” at home and around the world.
  • Political Establishment Jews insist on separating God from government, but they find it perfectly OK to throw around the word “God” to gather mainstream support for their hateful political agenda, in America and around the world.


Jew admits that Jews Mistakenly assumed, post WW2, that people all over the world want the same things

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Indeed, assuming that what is good for the Jew is good for everyone in the world is WRONG.

First, we assumed that people all over the world want the same things; that mix of individual, civil and political freedom plus regulated free market capitalism characteristic of America and the states of Western Europe. Relatedly, we believed that when pressed to choose between prosperity and freedom, people everywhere would choose freedom. Moreover, we thought that one couldn’t go without the other, an error that China is proving more and more wrong with each passing day.