Top 1% fails to report over 20% of income using potentially “criminal” tactics: IRS analysis | — olddogthoughts

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Why would anyone believe Trump wasn’t one? The wealthiest 1% of Americans fail to report more than 20% of their income to the IRS, and some of those ultra-rich people use “sophisticated evasion technologies” and criminal tactics to avoid paying their full share, according to a new analysis by researchers at the IRS and economists. […]

Top 1% fails to report over 20% of income using potentially “criminal” tactics: IRS analysis | — olddogthoughts

Complete abuse of power: Trump forces Tik Tok to sell its Western operations to American companies or be banned all together

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The American one percent believes that it can change the way Americans see things with the mere snap of their fingers.

In their mind:

1. Americans should feel nationalistic pride when it comes time to defend the unfair anti-trust practices of American monoplies at home and abroad.

2. Americans are communists or misinformed if they recognize that America is actually against domestic and global free market capitalism.

Infrastructure, mutual economic growth, and greater cultural exchange: China completes railway routes linking 45 cities in 14 countries in Eurasia

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Meanwhile, in America, our infrastructure crumbles because of the one percent’s business strategy and plain old greed. Modernization is not warranted unless it will ultimately grow the profit margin of corrupt American monoplies.

Excellent read: Establishment Jewish American Capitalism is only growing more powerful, decimating the middle-class.

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The big story covered up by all the happy macroeconomic figures repeated by rote by the US establishment – everybody from the president to cable television pundits and Trump fanboys – is the gradual impoverishment of the American worker. That’s an inconvenient truth increasingly difficult to hide as the American dream has turned into a nightmare for huge swathes of the population. As the figures we present below show, the rich are really getting richer, the middle class has been decimated, and half of Americans are poor and destitute of any financial wealth. The super-rich are gobbling up an ever-increasing slice of the American pie at the cost of all the rest who get nothing but table scraps on one side and leftover crumbs on the other, if anything. The resulting stratification of society has brought back a medieval servant economy, where the have-nots are doing odd jobs, cleaning houses, fetching groceries, running errands and deliveries for the feudal rich and the remaining shrinking middle class.


No longer pertinent as a fair source of news: Fox news has turned into pro-Trump and pro-Establishment State news

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Fox news defends the demonization of Arab countries/citizens that are not aligned with American Establishment pro-Israel foreign policy.

Fox news defends corrupt One Percent Establishment capitalism.

Fox news defends Israel.

Fox news only features Jewish American Establishment commentators, progressive pro-Israel commentators, and neo-con pro-Israel commentators.

Fox news defends President Trump who utterly serves the interests of the corrupt, pro-Israel, One Percent “American” Establishment.

Taking positive action: Blockchain ‘to challenge American hegemony over world finance’ in next 5-7 years, analyst tells Boom Bust

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Globalism and prosperity belong to All.


America is so far behind: High-speed Chinese railway opens.

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Europe has high speed railways, China has high-speed railways, Japan has high speed railways, but America refuses to create high-speed railway with American tax dollars.  American citizens have simply been robbed of rightful development by our corrupt government.


As I see it, Trump is Out and Biden is also Out

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  • Biden’s Ukraine corruption is undeniable.
  • Trump did not keep his 2016 campaign promises.  He is an agent of the 1% and people are tired of his lies and bombastic talk.

As I see it, these developments are insurmountable for Biden and Trump.   Americans will not elect either of these two for the presidency in 2020.