Cop who killed himself was struck on head with pole during Capitol riot as heartbroken wife says ‘he wasn’t the same’ — The Sun

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A COP killed himself after he was struck on the head with a pole during the Capitol riot and “wasn’t the same” again, his wife says. Capitol Police Officer Jeffrey Smith suffered the blow while he was defending the building during the deadly siege on January 6. Rioters broke windows and breached the Capitol building […]

Cop who killed himself was struck on head with pole during Capitol riot as heartbroken wife says ‘he wasn’t the same’ — The Sun

Trump pardons brokered by groups tied to Jared Kushner — Israel Palestine News

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Trump relied heavily on a pro-Israel network that revolved around two influential Jewish organizations connected to Jared Kushner to determine who would get pardons, according to an investigation by the New York Times… The Aleph Institute and Tzedek Association are tied to influential lawyers including Israel partisan Alan Dershowitz… The Aleph Institute is a non-profit…

Trump pardons brokered by groups tied to Jared Kushner — Israel Palestine News

Israel wants to know what’s going to happen to the hush-hush 3 billion US tax payer dollars Trump admin allocated for Arab-Israeli normalization deals!


Speaking as an American, Trump’s Abraham Fund is a sickening use of tax payer money. It is a perfect example of our government laundering our tax money to Israel.

When the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain agreed to formalize their diplomatic ties with Israel last year, the decision came with a gilded signing bonus — a $3 billion fund that would funnel money into private sector-led initiatives meant to foster economic growth and cooperation in the Middle East.

Later, when Sudan and Morocco signaled that they too would establish relations with Israel, the $3 billion of US taxpayer money was opened to them as well. –

Woefully out of touch Trump friend, Romney, says Trump would win in a landslide in 2024


Trump may maintain some support among right-wing extremists, but his popularity contest is long long over. No one in their right mind wants to hear Trump’s loud lying mouth again at the White House.


Why Donald Trump is not making a comeback, despite his acquittal

  1. He is already history and the majority of people are thankful for it.
  2. America positively cannot afford to go head to head anymore with China- like Trump liked to do.
  3. Donald caused a deep fragment in the Republican party, and now there are newcomers, like Tom Cotton, that plan to offer their own combination of Trump viewpoints with standard Republican ideology for the next election in 2024.
  4. There is no stopping the pace of globalization; something Donald Trump badly wanted to do.
  5. There are too many nations that are progressing and they don’t want to go backwards just to make Trump or the American capitalist agenda happy (for example, China and countries in Africa).

Trump recently said, after his acquittal, that his movement is just beginning but this could not be further from the truth: his political career has ended.

Trump’s Jewish lawyer, David Schoen, didn’t wear his kippah because he “didn’t want to offend anyone” when, in reality, the more likely reason is that he did not want to perpetuate Jewish stereotypes


It is a well known fact that law is an especially favored profession of Jews along with: medicine; journalism/writing; public relations; business; entertainment; technology; charity work; education; marketing; psychology; sociology; art; luxury products; and politics, to name a few.

David Schoen, Trump’s Second-Impeachment-Trial defense lawyer, opted not to wear a kippah during his opening defense, yet kept reaching for it throughout his speech. His excuse was that he did not want to offend anyone by wearing it but this is very unlikely to be the real reason. It is more likely that he did not want to perpetuate Jewish stereotypes.


Israel and Saudi Arabia- two of the biggest human rights violation regimes in the world- aim for Middle East dominance and America helps them.

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Right before Trump’s term as president ended, he signed this: UAE to get F35 jets and Predator drones after normalizing ties with Israel.


Even if the sale of F35 jets went to the U.A.E (not directly to Saudi Arabia), Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E have an extremely close relationship with one another. Even if the Saudis did not get the F35 jets, selling them to the U.A.E was the next closest thing.

Great: Pompeo among Trump officals banned from China

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China has imposed sanctions on 28 US figures, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other allies of former President Donald Trump, over their alleged violations of China’s sovereignty and interference in its affairs.

The sanctions ban the 28 individuals and their family from entering mainland China, Hong Kong and the autonomous region of Macao, while companies associated with them are also banned from doing business with China. 

Announcing the sanctions on the same day Trump’s successor was sworn into office, the Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement that those blacklisted included “anti-China politicians” who have displayed “selfish political interests and prejudice and hatred against China.”