Original Article : https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-second-noble-truth/201609/existence-is-suffering Existence is suffering is the common translation of the First Noble Truth of Buddhism. As an avid reader of Zen Buddhism, I’ve often argued that this Noble Truth isn’t true at all, or that it is simply a precursor to the other Noble Truths which teach one how to alleviate suffering. […]

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Existence is Suffering — Fuel for my soul


There will now be more support for policy ideas that rethink the nature of the US-Israel relationship, including exerting more pressure on Israel to change its behavior if it wants to enjoy the same level of friendship from Washington. By Eric Cortellessa | The Times of Israel | Aug 17, 2019 ‘The political debate over […]

via The day Netanyahu helped anti-Israel voices gain resonance and credibility — HolyLandJustice.org

The day Netanyahu helped anti-Israel voices gain resonance and credibility — HolyLandJustice.org


What if Epstein’s death was staged so he could escape? Excerpt: Our medical experts tell us this man is either very much alive, or he is wearing one of those lovely theatrical masks made when he was alive, and they made a mistake — they forgot to provide for the white palor of a really dead man.

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This article raises some of good points.

  • When I saw the photo of Epstein being wheeled out, I thought his face was unusually purple as if to suggest that he lacked oxygen when he died.  However, a dead person is pale.
  • I do believe that the sex trafficking industry is just too big for elites to allow this man to be killed.
  • I did think it was strange for him Not to be in a body bag.


Robert Steele: Epstein Not Dead, ET Human Trafficking?

Why the moment for courage to out the politically corrupt is NOW.

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Virginia Roberts Guiffre, the main victim leading the charges against the late Jeffrey Epstein and his under-age sex trafficking ring, has the courage to point her finger at Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz, yet she is “afraid” to name others involved (see excerpt below).

One of the victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, said that she was forced by Epstein and Maxwell to have sex with a number of wealthy and powerful politicians, academics and government leaders, including Dershowitz and Prince Andrew. She has never named the other men, largely because she has been afraid, her lawyers said.



Let’s go through four events that underscore why the time for Ms. Guiffre to go public and name everyone involved is right now.

  • The murder of Seth Rich.
  • The stabbing death of prominent orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Dean Lorich, age 54.
  • The arrest of Julian Assange.
  • The murder of Jeffrey Epstein in federal prison.

One- Seth Richards was a young DNC staffer that is alleged to have given Wikileaks damaging emails from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run campaign back in 2016.  He was mysteriously, shot and killed, soon after, in an alleged “mugging” in D.C.  No one was ever convicted for his death.

Two- Prominent orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Dean Lorich, 54, is found dead in his Manhattan apartment by a “self-inflicted” knife wound to his chest (that could not have been self-inflicted), in late 2017.  Dr. Lorich was a physician in Haiti and had publicly criticized the Clinton Foundation’s handling of millions of dollars in donations which failed to make its way to Haitian patients.  No one was convicted since it was a “suicide”.

Three- Julian Assange had his Ecuadorian embassy protection revoked by Ecuadorian President and American puppet, Lenin Moreno, and was forcefully removed and arrested, in England, on U.S. computer hacking charges in April of 2019.  His fate is now very bleak.

Four- A thus far anonymous American government official coordinated the July 2019 New Jersey arrest of convicted sex pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, on new sex trafficking and corruption charges.  In a matter of weeks, Epstein was found dead in his federal prison cell in a suicide by blanket claim that NO ONE buys.

Virginia can either stay silent out of “fear” or gather together with other victims, organize a press conference and name the rest of their violators, now.  Surely, they cannot ALL be killed, or else there will be serious consequences for corrupt government leaders-namely public outrage and ensuing chaos in America.  I believe there is strength in numbers and that the truth must come out now or those involved in these sick criminal activities with minors will never be held accountable for their actions.

So, what is more important?  Her fear, or the truth?

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Top US tech companies are filling positions with former members of Israeli military intelligence, as well as operatives from Israeli companies known to have spied on American citizens, companies, and the government. Billionaire American Paul Singer is behind the Netanyahu-inspired movement, which has seen tens of thousands of layoffs in the US as new jobs…

via NeoCon billionaire Paul Singer is sending US tech jobs to Israel — If Americans Knew Blog

NeoCon billionaire Paul Singer is sending US tech jobs to Israel — If Americans Knew Blog


As I see it, Jeffrey Epstein was murdered.

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I knew something seriously irregular was happening the moment Jeffrey Epstein was arrested last month; powerful people like him rarely end up answering for their crimes in a judicial court.

My first thought was that it was the result of a Democratic operative to remove Trump from office before he could be re-elected or to demolish his chances for re-election since Trump is alleged to have participated in Epstein-coordinated sex with minors.

But then, we learn that Bill Clinton was also a client of Epstein and thus allegedly took part in sex with minors too.  So, certainly,  it couldn’t be a Clinton-organized attempt to remove Trump from office.  Who could have made the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein possible to begin with?  As I see it, it could only have been coordinated by someone with very high government clearance and access to intelligence.  I’m thinking the FBI.  Who could have a grudge against Trump that hails from the FBI, James Comey, for example and the two FBI agents that said everything possible must done to ensure Trump never becomes president in 2016.

While the public is currently being fed information about Epstein killing himself with a blanket in his prison cell, what we are not being given more information about is who had him arrested to begin with?  How about an interview with that person?!  How about an in-depth interview with the person who presided over this operation?  Obviously, it was someone indepedent or anti-establishment because Epstein allegedly provided under-age sex services to Western world figures like Prince Andrew, in addition to Donald J. Trump and Bill Clinton.  Anyone inside the Democratic or Republican establishment would not have Epstein followed and arrested so that positively explosive information about their inner circle could go public.  As I see it, only someone who is no longer on either side but is out for revenge against the establishment could be guilty.

Next, I believe Jeffrey Epstein was murdered because he had all the explosive information needed to implicate powerful people as participants of his criminal sex trafficking ring.  He had enough information to get a plea deal!!  So, no, it wasn’t like this man didn’t have any options- he had options.  Criminals in his spot can tell-all in exchange for a reduced prison sentence.  Suicide out of desperation isn’t likely at all, in my opinion.

For the famous people implicated in Epstein’s crimes, he was worth more dead than alive.   I contend that Epstein was killed by someone with extraordinary power and access to government intelligence- someone in government here or abroad.  Perhaps, Prince Andrew, President Trump, former President Bill Clinton, or Alexander Acosta?


Jeffrey Epstein arrest is a worry for Donald Trump:


Jeffrey Epstein arrested on sex trafficking charges