Why the Western world order has fallen: Because a house divided against itself cannot stand and that division is caused by establishment political and economic Jewry.

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Political and economic Jewry has basically constructed the Western world order as we know it today.

In less than a hundred years since WW2, Nationalism (the people’s call against the ills of deeply entrenched international Jewry in their homeland) has manifested, most notably in Britain’s BREXIT and the election of Donald J. Trump as president of America.

It has also manifested in BRICS, an alternative world order alliance consisting of emerging economies banding together for collective growth and prosperity outside of the Western order.

It also manifested in UNASUR, an initiative to band South American countries together to form their own union drawing on the collective strength and voice of South American nations.

Despite all these initiatives to combat the prevalence of Western Establishment Jewry:

  • Brexit never came to pass years after the vote to LEAVE the European Union.
  • Trump, despite all his Christian targeted pandering of “Merry Christmas” to win the White House in 2016- ended up being staunchly pro-Israel and even named his corrupt Jewish son-in-law, Jared Kushner, as his SENIOR ADVISOR.
  • Corruption charges were brought upon Rafael Correa (former president of Ecuador and prominent leader of UNASUR) by the West turning him into a fugitive and eroding his political power.
  • LULA, the Brazilian people’s choice for president- was thrown in jail for the rest of his life on sudden corruption charges orchestrated by the West.  Brazil remains a prominent member of BRICS- but under the leadership of current president Bolsonaro it is now staunchly pro-Israel (therefore pro-Western world order).
  • Pro-Israel Trump has named China (a prominent BRICS nation) a security threat and has aimed to cripple their economy with tariffs for not doing as Political American Jews demanded of them.
  • Western influence and direction has recently whipped up violent protests against mainland China, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, violating China’s “One China” policy.
  • Pro-Israel Trump has tried to buddy-buddy with India (another BRICS nation) by renaming the Asia Pacific the “Indo-Pacific” and by threatening India with tariffs unless they do as Political American Jews ask of them.
  • Russian anything has been demonized by “The West” (Russia is another prominent BRICS nation).


Because Political Establishment Western Jewry seeks its own gain in the host nations where it practices, it creates a deep fracture in sovereign nations as a consequence of its activities.  This causes chaos, discord, and the collective misery and poverty of citizens which prevents their home nation from being able to rise up on its own.  This is why a house divided against itself cannot not stand- and the dividers know it.  This is why citizens must vote out those politicians who aim to divide them and systematically plunder their nation and collective prosperity for the benefit of the 1%.






The awakening that’s currently happening across the Western World reminds me a lot of the Twilight Zone episode, “To Serve Man.”

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We are not supposed to know that we’re all “on the menu”.

Lack of absolute control brings panic and thoughts of impending doom among Political Western Jews

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Western citizens voting against: crony capitalism; ceaseless special interest geopolitical wars; unleashed illegal immigration; money laundering of tax payer dollars; an end to freedom of speech and expression; Jewish fascism; and attacks on Christian values, are a problem


Diversity Macht Frei | February 20, 2019 Yet another case study in hypocrisy from the Chosen People. First, here’s an incident they were complaining about a few days ago. A local Labour party member, Sir Michael Duncan, complains that the “Jewish community plans to attack our party.” Jews then attacked his party, claiming that his […]

via UK: Daniel Finkelstein admits powerful Jews engage in secret political plotting — Aletho News

UK: Daniel Finkelstein admits powerful Jews engage in secret political plotting — Aletho News

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OffGuardian | February 20, 2019 The following comment – posted to twitter by Craig Murray – was censored by The Guardian. Which of the well-publicised CiF “community standards” did they breach? Removed comment, posted under this live news feed earlier today: Screen shot of where it used to be: For those of you unfamiliar with […]

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Arbitrary “Community Standards”: What “community standards” did this comment breach? #18 — Aletho News

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In other words, any “other” rhetoric, ideas, or thoughts that are not approved by Western Establishment Jewry give rise to anti-Semitism

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In this JTA article, Jews are the ones who are hurt by freedom of speech in social media.


I have endured racially charged hate speech, myself, for being a woman of color that does not embrace Progressive Identity Politics- but none of those comments ever got removed from Facebook and Youtube, even after I reported them.

The above JTA article says that the West needs to embrace the IHRA’s working definition of what anti-Semitism is; apparently this “working list” just keeps getting longer and longer and more allencompassing.

The “working definition” of anti-Semitism,  per IHRA:


This long list begs the question, do you or I have such a list to “protect” us from offensive rhetoric or other harmful manifestation?