Israel wants to win the media war and scholarly debate surrounding Poland’s alleged involvement in crimes against Jews in WW2.

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Thy will not relent; they continue to launch more and more accusations against Poland for alleged crimes committed against Jews in WW2, despite the fact that Germany was occupying Poland during that war and that Poland suffered so badly because of what was happening that their entire beautiful city was practically leveled once the war ended.

But Polish casualities and the destruction they suffered are irrelevant to Jews that just want to point the finger and perpetuate their victimhood across the centuries.

Israel wants Polish courts and politicians to allow them to win the Holocaust narrative in scholarly research and in the news media where Poland in concerned. I support Poland’s efforts to curtail Jewish slandering and to put in check Israel’s diminishment of Poland’s catostrophic casualties, all across the board, during WW2.


No freedom of thought, opinion, or speech: Hungarian Rabbi expelled for saying that Israel took the bulk of German reparation money- not Holocaust victims

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Hungary’s largest Jewish group expels rabbi who said Zionism is causing another Holocaust

August 14, 2020: (JTA) — Hungary’s largest Jewish group expelled a rabbi who has accused Israel of appropriating the money of Holocaust victims and putting Diaspora Jews in danger.

The rabbinical council of the Mazsihisz umbrella announced in a letter to Israeli Ambassador Yacov Hadas-Handelsman that it was “terminating its relationship” with Rabbi Gabor Finali. The letter said it was “an indefinite suspension” of Finali, 43, who since 2017 has served as the resident rabbi of a Mazsihisz-affiliated congregation, the Ohel Avraham Synagogue in Budapest.

It’s an unusual development for Eastern and Central Europe, where leaders of Jewish communities are rarely expelled and seldom express acrimonious public criticism of Israel.

The most controversial remarks by Finali, who supports multiple left-wing causes, came in July on his Facebook page.

“Israel took all the benefits and most of the compensation from Germany for the death and suffering of our relatives,” he wrote. “The chaos that Israel has been causing since 1948 is the reason for most, if not all, attacks on Jews in the Diaspora. The money spent on security until recently (2018) was because we suffer the consequences, we’re the soft targets … Herzl’s mission failed because it didn’t stop the Holocaust, but soon it will lead to a new one.”

Finali apologized for and retracted the post, but Mazsihisz in its letter to the ambassador last week said it was cutting its ties with the rabbi because he “is more loyal in his writings to the enemies of Israel than to Israel.”

Finali belongs to the Neolog denomination of Judaism, a stream that evolved in Central Europe in the 19th century and is similar to Masorti, or Conservative, Judaism.

In a 2018 interview with the Szombat Jewish magazine, Finali said: “The state of Israel lives and thrives thanks to God, I wholeheartedly support its existence,” but added he doesn’t consider it to be “a pure virgin.”BY CNAAN LIPHSHIZ

Despicable: Chris Wallace said that dropping the atomic bomb on Japan saved Japanese lives

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Chris Wallace, an outdated establishment neo-con “journalist” (propaganda-ist) had the audacity to say on Fox news, last week, that dropping the atomic bomb on Japan saved Japanese lives because an American invasion would have taken more lives instead.

In my view, he is incorrect. What he really means to say is that American lives were saved by dropping the atomic bomb, because Japan was going to put up a fight. America simply wanted to circumvent that fight by unfairly going nuclear which was an incredibly underhanded and hateful move. 75 years later, there is still no justification for dropping two atomic bombs on Japan no matter what establishment politicians and “journalists” say.


Conviction of 93-Year-Old War Veteran Is Latest Embarrassment for German Legal System — Aletho News

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By Eric Striker • National Justice • August 11, 2020 Last November, Moshe Loth testified as a plaintiff in the trial of wheelchair-bound nonagenarian Bruno Dey. Loth accused him of being an accessory to his torture and grandmother’s gassing during the “Holocaust” at the Stutthof concentration camp in the final years of World War II. […]

Conviction of 93-Year-Old War Veteran Is Latest Embarrassment for German Legal System — Aletho News

The corrupt Jewish-American Western global elite establishment violates the sovereignty of countries all over the world yet hates to be stopped by their rightful citizens

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One Japanese artist’s work is deeply connected to her desire to see American military bases get off of Japanese land, specifically: Okinawa.  I do not blame her.  After WW2, the powerful American Western Jewish Establishment wrongly set up military bases in Okinawa (and all over the world) from which to constantly watch foreign citizens and pose a threat to them and their regional geographical neighbors.

It is the same premise as the Israeli theft of the Syrian Golan Heights:  Zionists argue that they need that land to carry out surveillance “to protect Israel”.

It is the same as:

Israel’s violation of Lebanon’s air space.

Israel’s confiscation of Palestinian land.

Israel’s aim to annex Jordan.

Israel’s perpetual aim to occupy and annex land which is not theirs which is wrong.

You can hear this Japanese artist’s perspective in NHK World’s TV series:

Japan from Above


8,000 NEW Holocaust survivors to be recognized and compensated by Germany

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This is reminiscent of the newly enacted law that covers the medical bills of 9/11 survivors: until 2092

We know who the doctors are and who runs the hospitals and big pharma in America…

Now, 8,000 Romanian-born Israeli “Holocaust survivors” are to be newly recognized and compensated by Germany.

Never ending stories/events and special interest money laundering seem to go so well together….


Truth censored again on Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera pulls video claiming Holocaust was different from how Jews tell it.

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I believe that the Holocaust was different than how the Jewish Political Establishment tells it, and I KNOW, for a fact, that Jews were FAR from the war’s only victims.  Unfortunately, it appears to be the Zionist Jews’ way to re-present any happening in a matter that benefits them.

Tidal wave of strike-backs; Israel isn’t the ONLY victim: “Poland may demand over $1 TRILLION in reparations from Germany over WW2 – Polish lawmaker,”

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Poland was just about leveled during WW2.  In what appears to be a response to repeated Jewish demands for land, reparations, and money, Poland is now making some of its own demands.

Good for them!

Poland puts foot down. That’s right: There are limits to never ending Jewish Holocaust Anti-Semitic blame assignment, post WW2.

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