War on Christianity

America, a resoundingly Christian nation, is under Zionist occupation (France is too).  Jesus Christ is under attack.  Hundreds of Catholic churches are closing, immorality is good for elite profit.  The Holocaust and “Anti-Semitism” dominates the religious narrative.  America goes to war for Israel.  Israel, a nation based on “religion” has nuclear weapons.  Israel is perpetrating ethnic cleansing on Palestinians.  Israel wants geo-political dominance.  AIPAC decides American domestic and foreign policy.  Jewry pushes “identity politics.”  The Catholic church is painted by instances of pedophilia.  To celebrate Jesus is touche and largely perceived as “anti-Semitic” by “the establishment.”  Christianity has deliberately been marginalized to give way to Jewish Zionism.  Christians must organize and push back against Zionism and radical Jewish politics, particularly foreign policy.  Christians must fight for their church and for their beliefs or the church will go down, quietly in the night, as it has been doing for the last 70 years.

One thought on “War on Christianity

  1. Yes, the above is true. The tens of millions of Christian Zionists aid the pro-Israeli lobby in the US. Christians need to reject this vile heresy of Christian Zionism.


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