War on Sovereignty

Who is waging war on sovereignty around the world using false pretexts, snipers, missiles, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, and open borders for everyone but themselves?  Who uses its buddy, America, and Western allies like: Britain; France; and Germany to gang up on sovereign nations when there is something for them to gain from it?  Who sells products made on illegal settlements?  Who is the first to reject United Nations solutions?

Who controls the narrative in the media?  Who defines “hate speech”?  Who has pushed a pro-Israel creedo on sovereign citizens without asking them if this is something they support?  Who assigns slanderous labels to blacklist people and squash any opposition to their special interest agenda?  Who insists on mixing religion and politics to further their cause but are fast to condemn President Trump’s repeal of the Johnson Amendment and call Christians “White Supremists?”  Who is especially clever with words, rhetoric, and interpretation?  Who is expert at twisting the facts?  Who has historically been know as the global elite?  Who is the greatest defender of the private sector and illegal immigration though it creates polarizing disparity for everyday citizens? Who remains silent when it comes time to admit the truth?  Who is keen on destroying anyone or any country that gets in its way of profit and power?  Who favors impoverished immigrants for employment in order to keep wages down and maintain power and intelligence?  Who is the leader in double standards across the world?  Who is intent on having a pure race of its people at home and around the world?  Who recklessly disregards life and liberty  for others (including animals and natural resources) in the name of money and power?  Who combines religion, war, and identity politics, with merchantry?

One thought on “War on Sovereignty

  1. Every question you have put is crucial to understanding our imperialist system led by the US of A. It is no longer a progressive force. It has become a destructive force whose policies have bought war, destruction, refugees etc.

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