AIPAC’s tax-exempt-sweetheart-deal in clear violation of the Johnson Amendment: See it to believe it.

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If this isn’t a charitable-corruptly taxexempt organization engaging in POLITICS, then what is?!  You have to see/read it to believe it.

From AIPAC’S website:

The United States Congress has provided Israel with the strongest support of any institution in the world. Maintaining bipartisan congressional support for Israel is crucial. Involvement in the political process is a tangible way of showing friends of Israel that you care about who serves in Congress. As the political climate changes, the proIsrael community must continue to grow.


In order to be eligible for Congressional Club membership, individuals must:

  • Be an AIPAC donor club member
  • Make a minimum financial commitment of $2,500 a year, or $5,000 per two-year election cycle, to pro-Israel politics
  • Commit to giving political contributions in a clearly pro-Israel context to candidates running for the United States House of Representatives and/or United States Senate

Congressional Club Members receive:

  • Access to AIPAC’s Congressional Club Insider App
  • Exclusive Congressional Club conference calls
  • Invitations to local Congressional Club events and training programs
  • Special Congressional Club programming at National AIPAC events

AIPAC is not a Political Action Committee. It does not rate or endorse candidates. AIPAC encourages its members to participate in the political process and support the candidates of their choice. The Congressional Club is designed to recognize politically active members of AIPAC who support pro-Israel candidates for the House and Senate.

Join AIPAC’s Congressional Club

…because politics matters!

For more information, or to join the Congressional Club, please contact your local AIPAC office or

To visit the site, click here:


Commentary: I have a difficult decision to make.

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I have thought this matter through with grave concern, because it is a matter worthy of grave concern.  I’ve decided that I can either focus on the problem of Jewry in the world and give you numerous headlines, everyday, about it.  Or, I can give you my honest take of the present situation and start advocating for the change we need to combat widespread, hostile, polarizing, pro-Israel policies in the Western world because we have reached critical mass.

Citizens must do their part to protect themselves from self-serving globalists by being informed, and by advocating and voting for the policies that will help them to defeat special interest.  Jews are a quintiple threat to citizens because not only are they a religion, but they are a race; a nation; a business model; and a political ideology with big money and big political power protecting their interests.

Citizens, by contrast, have what is left of their freedom of speech, their ability to organize, and their humble vote.

In order to combat the globalists, Americans need to:

Defend Nationalism (citizens first policies).

Defend our right to privacy.

Fight bank fraud.

Maintain and staunchly defend freedom of speech.

Demand less regulation so Americans can engage in small business, easily and legally.

Demand microcredit assistance.

Learn to produce products and services that people need.

Loudly reject and denounce double standards/favoritism/preferencial treatment

Defend free foreign language education.

Defend Christianity.

Defend American-First educational programs, vocational programs, and employment opportunities.

Defend social security entitlements and ensure that illegals cannot access these funds.

Defund and deport illegals.

Voice their concerns about harmful free trade policies and demand referendums on the issue.

Withdraw from wars.

Priority immigration/exchange opportunities for Americans.

Priority affordable housing for American citizens.

Higher pay wages.

Affordable healthcare.

Limits to what can be defined as volunteer work.

Remove the Aipac lobby from American politics or greatly diminish its ability to influence: public, domestic, and foreign policy.

Defend the right to boycott based on nation of origin.

Defund Israel.

Promote recycle programs and save the food programs to reduce trash and hunger.

Increase historical public places where people can rest and socialize (too much privatization erodes a nation’s identity and quality of life in favor of special interest and a culture of crazed consumerism).

Jews will protest these initiatives as Anti-Semitic.  So what?  If citizens do not watch out for their best interests- certainly the private sector will not do it for them.  Today’s terrible economic disparity and class warfare is ample proof of where the status quo will take us.  Citizens must not be phased by slanderous name calling.  We must remain steadfast and focused because the quality of our very lives is at stake.  United we stand, divided we fall.




Aipac mouthpiece, Nikki Haley, gets ahead of her boss- again.

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Last week, she contradicted President Trump, at the United Nations, by saying that the U.S. will remain in Syria until all goals are achieved.  This week, she said that the U.S will hand down more sanctions to Russia for its involvement in Syria.  Both statements made Israel happy, but her superior, President Trump, upset.

She fouled up twice in about a week, or did she?  There is growing speculation that Haley, feeling the glow of Aipac’s overwhelming support for her, is eyeing the presidency in what could only be a selfish manifestation of her own blind ambition.

Doesn’t she know that it never looks good when a subordinate over-rides their boss, much less repeatedly and in public?  It seems like Donald Trump created a monster in his cabinet by appointing a little known politician (who had aspirations of being a beauty queen when she was a child) to the position of U.S ambassador to the United Nations.   It seems unlikely that Nikki Haley will be able to conceal her ambition for the next three years, when she can’t even hide it for one full week.  It would not be surprising if she were to be fired (or forced to resign) before the remainder of President Trump’s first term is complete.

Mort Fridman: “Great News from AIPAC: Congress Just Passed Major Pro-Israel Legislation” — If Americans Knew Blog

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AIPAC President Mort Fridman sent supporters an email announcing: “Our work together just made a difference for Israel’s security and for its future.” He crowed that Congress passed legislation giving Israel almost $4 billion of US tax money, while taking away US aid to many Palestinian widows and orphans…

via Mort Fridman: “Great News from AIPAC: Congress Just Passed Major Pro-Israel Legislation” — If Americans Knew Blog

Does Nikki Haley have presidential aspirations?

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President Trump recently said that he still wants to withdraw American troops from Syria as soon as it is possible, but U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley (a former beauty queen with a penchant for the limelight) received more coverage than the president did, yesterday, for saying that the U.S. will not withdraw its presence in Syria until all of America’s  (or rather Israel’s) goals are met.  Who is the president here?  It seems that Nikki Haley is feeling quite important channeling the message of America’s most powerful lobby in America: Aipac.

What does this reveal?  That while the President wants to keep his promise to the American public with regards to withdrawing troops from unnecessary wars in the Middle East, Haley is hungry for power and prominence and she knows that the Aipac Israeli lobby can open the doors to her ultimate political aspirations: the American presidency.  Aipac yearns for more wars in the Middle East so that Israel can gain more land and power in the region.  So, while Israel is less than pleased with President Trump for dragging his feet on behalf of their plight for dominance over Iran, Israel already sees a better future for its special interest through its newest pitbull: Nikki Haley.

To read further into this subtle phenomenon, click here:

The names of American politicians with Israeli passports.

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Though some names are missing from this list, it is still worth viewing to get an idea of the overwhelming number of Israeli nationals that we have serving in American government.  That makes them agents of a brutal war mongering foreign government. They are there to make sure that Israeli special interest is always served first and foremost.