Breakthrough: Conversations about Israel that were recently unthinkable are happening

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Most American voters back banning Israel from using US funds to annex land or detain Palestinian children:

Poll: Most American voters back banning Israel from using U.S. funds to annex land or detain Palestinian children

Israel Has Biden’s Support, but It’s Losing Life-long Friends in Congress:

Israeli Food Truck Excluded From U.S. Food Festival, Following ‘Community Concerns’:

The radical author of the following article calls for Jews to unite against anti-Zionists that find Israeli violence, apartheid, geo-politics, and land theft, reprehensible. This author is calling for ONE kind of Jew alone. Violence against Jews cannot be condoned and it should be treated as crime is treated, but this author equates those who denounce Israel’s crimes against humanity as anti-Semites; the kind all Jews must unite against to battle. That is really painting with a broad and extremist brush, in my view. It is the kind of one-sided argument that has gotten Israel where it is today in the ICC. Even Jewish organziations have called for Israel to stop the violence and stop the apartheid. This development though, has obviously outraged the author.

For American Jews the honeymoon is over:

Why America has nothing to offer Millennials except empty promises

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Stephen Miller, one of Trump’s right-hand people and a Jew, said the following, recently, about “the Squad”:

Stephen Miller responded by arguing, “These four congresswomen detest America as it is currently constructed.”


What he said here is terribly revealing.  He is admitting (albeit in a nuanced way) that the current construct of America- the one that is stealing American tax payer money for global Jewry and ruining citizen quality of life, is Jewish and pro-Israel.

Why are so many Americans turning AGAINST THE CURRENT JEWISH CONSTRUCT of America?

  • It aims to trap them in a life-time of debt by encouraging them to get a college degree and buy a house or apartment- when Jewish Construct knows very well that what truly awaits graduates is poverty, debt, and service/manual labor jobs.

In fact!  A recent survey concluded that the number one thing Millennials want is to SEE THE WORLD.  Indeed, why would they want to stay here in a life-time of dead-end service/manual labor jobs, debt, renting rooms, and supporting illegal immigrants with their tax payer money?

They don’t want that and American citizens, in general, don’t want that.

This means the “current Jewish construct of America” is, rightly, being REJECTED.


Complaint: Student claims NYU has allowed extreme anti-Semitism on campus and has hired a lawyer to further her point.

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One thing about this article, that student that went up to Chelsea Clinton and blamed her for the New Zealand mosque attacks should be replaced as the leader of the Pro-Palestine movement on the NYU campus (because that was rather out of place), but the mission to end apartheid in the West Bank should continue not end or be silenced, as this Pro-Israel student wants to have it.

Tackling another year of Establishment hypocrisy and corrruption, we begin with Israel: Israel prohibits “blurring of nationalities”; Olive oil must be made on [stolen] Israeli land.

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What about ‘Israeli’ Sabra Hummus which is made on occupied Palestinian land?

I want to see Syrian, Egyptian, Lebanese, and Palestinian hummus in the supermarket- not Israeli hummus.  We know Israel would falsely call that “racism and discrimination”- hypocrites!

Arrogant Jewish exceptionalism: You can deny Palestinians exist and attack them all you want, but Israel in untouchable

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You can attack the Palestinians in America uninterrupted, call to expel them and deny their existence. Just don’t dare say a bad word about Israel, the holy of holies.


I have to disagree with this writer.  I think times are changing.  I think people are sick of Israel’s war mongering and general hate and unrest.  I think people are tired of financially supporting Israel.  I believe people are tired of Jewish hypocrisy and exceptionalism.   And I think that many people believe (rightly so) that Israel has a profound obligation to live in peace with and respect the boundaries of all of its neighbors in the Middle East.

This writer is living in the past.  Eventually, Israel’s bigoted treatment of citizens from other countries will backfire, if it hasn’t already.

Wary Jews: We can’t afford to boycott everyone we disagree with.

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For once, the truth.

Dispicable: Israel worries that the optics of their murderous activities will supercede Pro-Israel talking points.

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Jerusalem has proved time and again that it will go to war if it feels it necessary, and has traditionally justified this on principles: primarily, the right—especially following the Holocaust—to defend Jewish life at almost any cost; and its status as the only democracy in the Middle East. By and large, these arguments have been effective in what might be called the discursive war—the intellectual battle that takes place behind every justification for force. Of course, the discursive war is uneven. Israel wins it in Washington and London and Berlin but loses it in the entire Arab world and most of South America. But, simply put, Paris matters more than Panama; D.C. more than Djibouti.