Ex-French president, Sarkozy, found guilty and sentenced for bribing a judge.


He is the second French president, after Jacques Chirac, to be found guilty of using his political status for the purpose of corruption.

He is sentenced to a year in prison with two years suspended.

Link: https://www.rt.com/news/516876-sarkozy-prison-corruption-sentence/

Not in the news : Week 36 of protests against Israeli prime minister, Netanyahu, calling for him to step down


The Western World Establishment makes sure to keep up appearances for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, even though it’s week 36 of protests calling for him to step down. You would NEVER know this if you follow mainstream American news.

Where is America’s usual loud cry for a foreign government to engage in “democracy” and listen to the demands of the people?! Hypocrites!


Social leader Reinaldo Carrillo in Pitalito, Department of Huila, Colombia. 2019. | Photo: Twitter / @ENGmateocastroe teleSUR | December 26, 2019 The National Association of Farmer Users (ANUC) activist Reinaldo Carrillo was killed at dawn on Wednesday by hitmen who entered his house and shot him in front of his family in Pitalito town, Department […]

via Colombia: Farmers Leader Shot to Death in Front of His Family — Aletho News

Colombia: Farmers Leader Shot to Death in Front of His Family — Aletho News

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As I see it, Trump is Out and Biden is also Out

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  • Biden’s Ukraine corruption is undeniable.
  • Trump did not keep his 2016 campaign promises.  He is an agent of the 1% and people are tired of his lies and bombastic talk.

As I see it, these developments are insurmountable for Biden and Trump.   Americans will not elect either of these two for the presidency in 2020.