UK’s arms sales to Riyadh three times higher than previously thought — Aletho News

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Press TV – July 15, 2021 A new investigation has revealed that Britain has exported around three times as much weaponry and military equipment to Saudi Arabia, which is leading a devastating military aggression against Yemen, than previously believed. According to a report published by British online newspaper The Independent, the British government’s official figures […]

UK’s arms sales to Riyadh three times higher than previously thought — Aletho News

PalAction: Shutting Down the British Arms Trade to Israel-

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Palestine Action has made headlines for its forceful commitment to shutting down the arms trade between Israel and the U.K., trying to do with direct action what anti-war organizations have long been calling for.

Breakthrough: Conversations about Israel that were recently unthinkable are happening

America synonymous with Israel, Israel

Most American voters back banning Israel from using US funds to annex land or detain Palestinian children:

Poll: Most American voters back banning Israel from using U.S. funds to annex land or detain Palestinian children

Israel Has Biden’s Support, but It’s Losing Life-long Friends in Congress:

Israeli Food Truck Excluded From U.S. Food Festival, Following ‘Community Concerns’:

The radical author of the following article calls for Jews to unite against anti-Zionists that find Israeli violence, apartheid, geo-politics, and land theft, reprehensible. This author is calling for ONE kind of Jew alone. Violence against Jews cannot be condoned and it should be treated as crime is treated, but this author equates those who denounce Israel’s crimes against humanity as anti-Semites; the kind all Jews must unite against to battle. That is really painting with a broad and extremist brush, in my view. It is the kind of one-sided argument that has gotten Israel where it is today in the ICC. Even Jewish organziations have called for Israel to stop the violence and stop the apartheid. This development though, has obviously outraged the author.

For American Jews the honeymoon is over:

Israel is deliberately obliterating media buildings in Gaza to cover up the war crimes that will follow-RT Opinion

America synonymous with Israel, Israel

Israel particularly hates news media sources whose content it does not control. Israel revels in killing journalists, doctors, scientists, and civilians to demoralize Palestinians and bring them to their knees. This artiicle points out Israel’s patterns of crimes agianst humanity.


‘You Don’t Know What’s Going On?’ | Top Court Takes Israel to Task Over Settlers’ Use of Palestinian Land-

America synonymous with Israel, Israel

“The High Court of Justice was highly critical of the Israeli government on Monday for not explaining the conditions under which it had allowed privately owned Palestinian land in the West Bank to be used by Israeli settlers.” – Source: