This is what America does to Cuba for not opening up its country to the Western Globalist Capitalists: no aid during pandemic. For shame.

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America has no right to prevent Chinese aid to Cuba.  This is plain wrong.

Cuba has slammed the US’ “criminal blockade” of the country after the embargo stood in the way of the delivery of Covid-19 test kits and ventilators donated by Chinese e-commerce tycoon Jack Ma.



Fox News channel should bear a label, during broadcast, indicating that it is a biased Pro-1% establishment network.

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Able to incessantly trash the Castro regime accomplishment of having citizens that can read, write, and receive free medical care in Cuba, Fox news channel is positively corrupt and biased in gross favor of the same oppressive Capitalist 1% regime that has Bernie on a winning streak right now.


How can you have a “right to return” after you’ve been kicked out for disenfranchising citizens?: Cuba slams lawsuits against state-owned firms as a ‘Miscarriage of Justice’. –

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Western Global Establishment Jews that were basically kicked out of Cuba, decades ago, want their “right” to return to Cuba through US backed business lawsuits.

Why I am against US sanctions on North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela.

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It is not fair to make sure that people living in your “competition-country” starve, have no water, or electricity; then say that the leadership of the country failed to provide a secure and free life for its people.  This is sabatoge.  No leader wants to see their people starve.  However, this image of failure, exposed to the world, is unfortunately accomplished with American sanctions, which are bullying and abusive.

Global Elite Jews prepare contingency plan in case of No-Deal Brexit and Failed Coup in Venezuela

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  1. UK financiers (code for rich Global Elite Jews) will be welcomed into Spain  with automatic citizenship (where they’ve recently been working  on a “Right of Return” law since their expulsion centuries ago) in case of No-Deal Brexit.  Zionist Jews have also been leading the Catalan separatist movement there too.



2.  Expelled Cubans (now living in Southern Florida) from the Castro regime’s Cuban Revolution in 1959, are now working on the right to sue Cuba for “property seizure” since since 10, 000 Jews fled Cuba to go to Florida, during the Cuban revolution of 1959.


These developments will ensure that Global Elite Jews will have the chance to: keep a strong foot-hold in the Spanish speaking world; Settle into new territories protected under “Western” [Jewish] Law; Import and export products/services; and open up new businesses in Spain and Latin America.

Today’s Nationalist movement, in Britain and America, is the result of citizens that have had enough of the Global Elite Jew’s: seizing of national property; raising taxes to fund their special interest businesses; importing of illegal immigrants to increase their global business profit margin; citizen funding (and battling) of wars in the name of Israel; Anti-Semitism burnout; War on Chritianity;  rampant double standards; threat to freedom of speech; and toxic identity politics.

Once again Progressive Global Elite Jews are being “expelled” (albeit informally) from nations in which their rule is no longer wanted.  This is the biblical and historical legacy of the Wandering Jews- expelled again and again for feeling entitled to claim the world (and everything in it) as theirs to control under a warped “divine mandate”.

As a result, they are now working hard to keep a Jewish stronghold in Latin America and Africa.


The Profit: Cuba edition

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I tried to find the full episode on Cuba to post here, but surprise- you have to pay to see it, like so much of Jewish media (take, for example).

I saw this episode some weeks ago and really couldn’t believe what I was hearing from Marcus Lemonis.  He went on about how burdensome it is for a government to take care of its people and how it’s just not realistic or sustainable, overtime.  He admitted, however, that many Cuban people actually prefer to be able to read and write and have access to medical care, than to be at the mercy of a Capitalist economy.

Perhaps, Cuba could use some socio-Capitalism to boost the people’s morale, but certainly not the Jewish brand of Capitalism that is based on the mighty 1% taking all.

NEWS segregation in America: One newsfeed for Americans, another for illegal (and legal) Hispanics

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It’s about marketing, advertising, ratings, and profit.  Illegal immigrants are basically a new set of customers $$$ that the elite import to the U.S. at tax payer expense.  American news is more banal; news in Spanish is revealing.  It covers illegal immigrant crime, news from Cuba, Venezuela, Central America, Dominican Republic, Columbia, and Mexico along with the corresponding levels of corruption and drug crime for each.  They relate international news mixed with political activisim (on behalf of illegal Hispanics) to their viewers.  

Here is a brief list of double agents:


Fox News/ Fox Latino

NY1/ NY1 Noticias en Espagnol

BBC/ BBC Mundo

New York Times/ New York Times Noticias en Espagnol

People/ People en Espagnol

MSN/ MSN Noticias en Espagnol

NBC/NBC Universo

Americans must be aware that they are not getting real news from their TV, and they should do their own research for real (world) news.