It never Ends: There is Jewish recruitment, happening now, that aims to continue German Holocaust reparation payments to CHILDREN of Holocaust survivors.

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8,000 NEW Holocaust survivors to be recognized and compensated by Germany

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This is reminiscent of the newly enacted law that covers the medical bills of 9/11 survivors: until 2092

We know who the doctors are and who runs the hospitals and big pharma in America…

Now, 8,000 Romanian-born Israeli “Holocaust survivors” are to be newly recognized and compensated by Germany.

Never ending stories/events and special interest money laundering seem to go so well together….


Tidal wave of strike-backs; Israel isn’t the ONLY victim: “Poland may demand over $1 TRILLION in reparations from Germany over WW2 – Polish lawmaker,”

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Poland was just about leveled during WW2.  In what appears to be a response to repeated Jewish demands for land, reparations, and money, Poland is now making some of its own demands.

Good for them!

Ceaseless Jewish hate: German man, 95, charged as accessory to murder of more than 36,000 at Nazi camp – JTA

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The last German 90 something year old that was charged and found guilty of Nazi crimes, last year, died of a heart attack before he began his prison sentence.  Now this:

An important sign of the times: Pro-immigrant Jew, Jutta Cordt, fired from her post in Germany

illegal immigrants, illiteracy, Jewish corruption, Jewish Establishment, low-skill, Uncategorized June 13, 2018 BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany should ally itself with Austria and Italy on migration and security policies, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said on Wednesday, a shift that could prove uncomfortable for Chancellor Angela Merkel. Standing alongside Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Seehofer said he had spoken to the Italian interior minister, “and it […]

via German, Italian, Austrian ministers seek ‘axis’ on migrant policy — peoples trust toronto

German, Italian, Austrian ministers seek ‘axis’ on migrant policy — peoples trust toronto

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