Academic oppression can only be one way: Israel’s way. Amazon Banned These 9 Academic Books Questioning Certain Aspects of the ‘Holocaust’. Why? — Aletho News


Israeli watchdogs are currently up in arms over a law in Poland that limits a journalist’s/ academic’s ability to point fingers at Poland for events related to the Holocaust in WW2, but it’s OK to censor journalists, authors, and academics, around the world, for probing the official version of the Holocaust in WW2 or anything else they don’t like, for that matter.

Link: Amazon Banned These 9 Academic Books Questioning Certain Aspects of the ‘Holocaust’. Why? — Aletho News

Unfair comparison: That I know, a lamb is not guilty of being expelled from over a hundred countries for things like predatory lending nor do lambs insist on stifling freedom of speech around the world, nor do they get billions to build weapons of mass destruction to kill people with.


Let’s leave lambs out of this.


Israel wants to win the media war and scholarly debate surrounding Poland’s alleged involvement in crimes against Jews in WW2.

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Thy will not relent; they continue to launch more and more accusations against Poland for alleged crimes committed against Jews in WW2, despite the fact that Germany was occupying Poland during that war and that Poland suffered so badly because of what was happening that their entire beautiful city was practically leveled once the war ended.

But Polish casualities and the destruction they suffered are irrelevant to Jews that just want to point the finger and perpetuate their victimhood across the centuries.

Israel wants Polish courts and politicians to allow them to win the Holocaust narrative in scholarly research and in the news media where Poland in concerned. I support Poland’s efforts to curtail Jewish slandering and to put in check Israel’s diminishment of Poland’s catostrophic casualties, all across the board, during WW2.


It never Ends: There is Jewish recruitment, happening now, that aims to continue German Holocaust reparation payments to CHILDREN of Holocaust survivors.

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8,000 NEW Holocaust survivors to be recognized and compensated by Germany

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This is reminiscent of the newly enacted law that covers the medical bills of 9/11 survivors: until 2092

We know who the doctors are and who runs the hospitals and big pharma in America…

Now, 8,000 Romanian-born Israeli “Holocaust survivors” are to be newly recognized and compensated by Germany.

Never ending stories/events and special interest money laundering seem to go so well together….


Truth censored again on Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera pulls video claiming Holocaust was different from how Jews tell it.

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I believe that the Holocaust was different than how the Jewish Political Establishment tells it, and I KNOW, for a fact, that Jews were FAR from the war’s only victims.  Unfortunately, it appears to be the Zionist Jews’ way to re-present any happening in a matter that benefits them.

More and more films about the Holocaust and Jewish persecution flood our screens

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*The Daily Stormer uses controversial language that people may find offensive.

The more people want to forget Jews the more aggressively Jews flood our lives with their propaganda.

Jean-Marie Le Pen fined 30,000 euros for saying that Holocaust was a “detail” of WW2.

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Since WW2, France, a historically Catholic nation, has been under Jewish occupation.  As a result, there are Anti-Semitic laws galore that French citizens must tip-toe around in their everyday lives.  What happened to politician Jean-Marie Le Pen is a great example of Jewish over-reach in France.  Mr. Le Pen said that the Holocaust was a “detail” of WW2.  For this, the French courts have fined him 30,000 euros.

Everyone is allowed to have their own views about historical events; that’s why we have more than one history book in the world.  But in Jewish occupied governments, there is only one narrative; Jews were the most notable victims of WW2: not the Japanese victims of two atomic bombs, not the deaths of an estimated 20 million Russian nationals, not Yugoslavian children that went to bed hungry for years and saw their family members get raped, abducted, shot, and killed.  Jews are not the only victims that “count” from WW2 and if they don’t see that, then they are the ones who should be paying hefty fines for spreading self-serving political propaganda with regards to a tragic event that led to the suffering and death of millions of people around the world.

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