Where is the outrage in Pro-Democracy, pro-Freedom of Speech, pious America? : Yet another anti-corruption journalist is gunned down

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America and The West, which pretends to fight global crime and corruption with such piety, has yet to take proper action to condemn journalist killing. Nor has the West made strong moves to protect anti-corruption journalists around the world from being gunned down for doing their work.

This latest victim is from the Netherlands.

Link: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/dutch-media-crime-reporter-de-vries-died-shooting-78859813

Too much truth: WordPress takes down another blogger (Wide Awake Gentile) posting about the Jewish/British led “West”

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First it was Peoples Trust Toronto, now it’s Wide Awake Gentile:  both blogs have been taken down by WordPress for “violations of their terms of service.”

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