The Jewish deep state is whipping out Asians all over American TV and MSM to project the illusion that Asians back their corrupt brand of racist special interest “Western” politics.

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The race baiting Gig is up!

‘An Eye for an Eye’: The Jews Who Sought to Poison Six Million Germans to Avenge the Holocaust

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Jewish political influence and growing physical presence in New Jersey creates tensions: ‘The Jewish’: NAACP Official Suspended Over Comments About Jewish People- Daily

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Harris said Lakewood, New Jersey, residents feared “being replaced by these strangers who really weren’t friendly,” referring to Hasidic Jews, video posted online shows. He also said “people are very, very quick to label anything that’s critical of Israel or the Jewish as anti-Semitic. Excuse me, if the facts are facts, that doesn’t necessarily make it anti-Semitic.”


No surprise: Big American banks show their support for illegals

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Big American banks like Chase and Bank of America have been serving the illegal community, strong, for decades.  Now this public political overture:

Truth censored again on Al Jazeera: Al Jazeera pulls video claiming Holocaust was different from how Jews tell it.

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I believe that the Holocaust was different than how the Jewish Political Establishment tells it, and I KNOW, for a fact, that Jews were FAR from the war’s only victims.  Unfortunately, it appears to be the Zionist Jews’ way to re-present any happening in a matter that benefits them.

How can you have a “right to return” after you’ve been kicked out for disenfranchising citizens?: Cuba slams lawsuits against state-owned firms as a ‘Miscarriage of Justice’. –

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Western Global Establishment Jews that were basically kicked out of Cuba, decades ago, want their “right” to return to Cuba through US backed business lawsuits.