The Salt Rocks of Iran — e MORFES


Salt domes are located in the Zagros Mountains, in southwestern Iran. Thick layers of minerals such as halite (common table salt) typically accumulate in closed basins during alternating wet and dry climatic conditions. Over geologic time, these layers of salt are buried under younger layers of rock. The pressure from overlying rock layers causes the […]

The Salt Rocks of Iran — e MORFES

It’s time for a Revolutionary change in approach to the Israeli conflict in the Middle East.

America, Israel

It is time for Israel and The West to make a deal with Hamas.

If America made the shocking move of negotiating with the Taliban, and it did, this is next.

Columbia made a huge “peace deal” with FARC, a domestic terrorist guerilla, granting it immunity for crimes it carried out. Negotiating a deal with Hamas is on the Western table.

In addition, American should partner with Iran to counter Israeli terrorism; establish MUCH NEEDED parameters regarding Israeli conduct; and open up the collective strength of the Middle Eastern trade block (as China is doing).

Israel has proven that it cannot live peaceably with its Arab neighbors because of its constant land and resource grab under its own religious pretext. It has drained billions of American tax payer dollars to carry out ethnic cleansing crimes against humanity via its ever growing occupation of neighboring Arab territory. Israel has fallen out of public favor. Enough is now enough.

It is time to make a deal with Hamas. Establish diplomatic relations with Iran and open up the Middle East as a trade block for economic and trade growth. This would be moving forward, instead of staying “backwards” with Israel’s retrograde losing approach to the problem it has WITH ALL OF ITS NEIGHBORS, decade after decade. Time is up, as I see it. It’s time for something totally different and more effective.

Rare occasion: As support for Israel wanes for various reasons, Israel is increasingly cornered

America, Israel

China and Russia are not going to allow cabinets of Western progressive or right-wing Jews/Israelis to run their government (as Jews have been able to do in The West).

That means if Western financial and political support for Israel, wanes, Israel cannot be confident about China or Russia stepping in to replace that support. This is likely the number one reason why the Western political establishment Jew wants to topple Russia and China- for its very own survival and growth.

US aid for Israel should certainly be decreased and it should be made contingent upon no cooperation with China , no betrayal of intellectual property or assets, no spying, no threats of war, no sweetheart deals, and no apartheid government.

Increasingly, Israel, is being cornered.

Haaretz reader, Darth Zaider, is basically refering to more Iranian scientist assassinations with his “delay” comment. This is how Israel Has Been “delaying” Arab nuclear scientist progress- they assasinate. Israel has assassinated Iranian and Palestinian nuclear scientists in order to mantain its “qualitative edge”- at the cost of depriving these nations of national treasure-level intellect! But Israel could care less, of course.

Furthermore, he is hinting at an Israeli confrontation with the US if it does not actively deter Iran for them. This of course is the highest level of betrayal- which the Israeli national identity is reknowned for.

This Haaretz reader, John Cronin, rightly points out that the Jewish tactic of delaying the progress of others (using assasination, in this case, as in so many others) so that they can Keep their strong-hold on whatever may be at hand is widely being criticized as more people learn that Israel is a traitorous, terrorist, and apartheid state.

Above photos, taken from Haaretz news website. Link:

Israel wants to know what’s going to happen to the hush-hush 3 billion US tax payer dollars Trump admin allocated for Arab-Israeli normalization deals!


Speaking as an American, Trump’s Abraham Fund is a sickening use of tax payer money. It is a perfect example of our government laundering our tax money to Israel.

When the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain agreed to formalize their diplomatic ties with Israel last year, the decision came with a gilded signing bonus — a $3 billion fund that would funnel money into private sector-led initiatives meant to foster economic growth and cooperation in the Middle East.

Later, when Sudan and Morocco signaled that they too would establish relations with Israel, the $3 billion of US taxpayer money was opened to them as well. –

Israel and Saudi Arabia- two of the biggest human rights violation regimes in the world- aim for Middle East dominance and America helps them.

America, Israel, Saudia Arabia, Trump

Right before Trump’s term as president ended, he signed this: UAE to get F35 jets and Predator drones after normalizing ties with Israel.


Even if the sale of F35 jets went to the U.A.E (not directly to Saudi Arabia), Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E have an extremely close relationship with one another. Even if the Saudis did not get the F35 jets, selling them to the U.A.E was the next closest thing.

Now I know why America has its eyes set on Xinjiang and the Uyghur re-education camps: it plans to destabilize this region (with India’s help) to thwart China’s Belt and Road initiative project.


America wants to derail China’s Belt and Road Initiative project by attempting to block its historical Silk Road pathway to the East. It is doing this by convincing India to build infrastructure and establish a military presence along its “disputed border” with Xinjiang- a region that has historically been under Chinese control since the Qing dynasty.