Corrupt Palestinian traitor Mahmoud Abbas, likely behind death of up and coming Palestinian Authority critic, Nizar Banat, who planned to run for government.

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The 43 year old critic was apparently beaten to death while in Palestinian Authority custody. Attempts on his life were made at his home in early May with bullets, stun grenades and tear gas.



Praise for: ‘Death to Arabs’: Palestinians Need International Protection From Israel’s Racist Jewish Thugs- Haaretz opinion

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Palestinians certainly do need international protection from racist Jews, period.


Probably the interview that got him killed: France 24 Interview with Jamal Khashoggi: ‘Saudi Arabia is becoming one-man rule’ (11/16/12017)

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In this video, the late Saudi-American journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, speaks sincerely to French news outlet, France 24, about matters in the Middle East. In minute 5:20, Jamal speaks about problems with MBS’ growing control of everything, creating an environment of intimidation and fear among the people. He says that the government is not transparent and that something should be done about it such as having weekly press meetings. He goes on to say the radical Islam is on the government payroll and the royals themselves have engaged in corruption. As I see it, he was just being sincere, honest, and forthcoming. But this interview may have, sadly, cost him his life in the eyes of control-hungry Saudi Prince MBS.

NY1 toots decline in NYC murder in 2018- down to a whopping 289 from 292

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Murder, rape, assault, shootings, theft, break-ins, etc. are EVERY DAY occurences in NYC.   These numbers may not seem that high for a city like NYC, but as a New Yorker, I get news of dreadful crimes committed every single day on Spectrum NY1.

This report leaves out just how much crime is committed by illegal immigrants in the corrupt establishment’s attempt to blur who is American and who isn’t.

Jason Greenblatt says he condemns incitement from both sides after far-right Israeli poster campaign appears in West Bank Source: US rebukes ‘unacceptable’ West Bank posters urging Abbas’s assassination

via US rebukes ‘unacceptable’ West Bank posters urging Abbas’s assassination — Middle Eastern Eye

Israeli poster advertises for Abbas’ assasination

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Laura Ingraham shows her Christian Zionist face to all, Ingraham Angle episode date: 11-13-18

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Laura Ingraham struck down growing support for BDS and anti-Israel sentiment, among newly elected Democrats, on Tuesday night’s episode of the Ingraham Angle on Fox News.  She did this while wearing a necklace featuring a huge and shiny Catholic cross (symbol of the crucifiction of Jesus Christ) around her neck.

Lately, Laura Ingraham seems like she’s on something just before she begins her show.  She guffaws, makes overtly sarcastic facial expressions and comments, and squawks like a parrot at things she takes issue with.  How about some more composure, Laura?

I always suspected that she was not really a Catholic after hearing her make pro-Israel political commentary, but tonight she made it crystal clear in front of all of her viewers.   Whatever denomination of Christianity Laura believes to adhere to- add Zionist to it.   As I see it, she is a perfect picture of contradiction.  She wears a giant cross around her neck, yet she finds no fault in the deadly hypocrisy of the race-state of Israel; the self-proclaimed “greatest democracy in the world.”  I think that Laura needs to read the news about what has been going on in the West Bank since the Spring of 2018, or better yet- go there herself.  Deadly IDF fire has claimed the lives of more than two hundred Palestinians this year.  In particular, the life of a young Palestinian paramedic, a wheelchair-confined activist holding up the Palestinian flag, and the life of a young journalist documenting Israeli crimes against humanity.  Not to mention the arrest of a Palestinian child, Ahed Tamimi, who slapped an Israeli soldier for invading her home and mistreating her family.  What does Laura think Jesus would have to say about this?  Personally, I don’t believe that Jesus would justify Israel’s non-stop crimes against humanity with Laura’s “Israel has the right to exist” bullsh*t.   Perhaps Israel has a “right to exist” but does that give them a right to kill whoever it is they hate and take whatever it is they covet?  Does Laura remember that the Jewish high priests had Jesus Christ taken out because they hated him?  I don’t think that she really thinks or feels, for that matter.  Israel needs to follow God’s commandments to “love thy neighbor as thyself”, “thou shall not covet”, and “thou shall not steal.”  Laura needs to remember, “thou shalt not kill” before she fronts for Israel.  The more I contemplate her loud and proud hypocrisy, the more I see her as a disgrace to Christianity.



Synagogue shooting: Extremism affects EVERYONE

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I can see where there this has been going and where this IS going after this morning’s news.   In light of this morning’s news, we must remind ourselves:

  • How many sovereign Americans have been assaulted or killed by illegals, violent minorities, and radicals enabled and protected by progressive politics over the last 30-40 years?
  • How many innocent Palestinians are killed every day by the IDF at the Gaza border?
  • How many Africans die from starvation, tribal wars, and (suspiciously present) disease in Africa everyday?
  • How many Catholic priests have had their throats slit by illegal Muslim immigrants in Europe?
  • How many innocent French people have been shot and killed, en masse, by Muslim extremists?
  • How many Americans are sleeping on the streets or committing suicide because the greed of polarizing Establishment Capitalists has left them destitute?

Extremism affects everyone, and people who are fighting for what is fair and right cannot be blamed for the actions of extremists-  though special interest aims for that so they can use it to their advantage to gain more power.