As an American, I am not happy or gratified that people in North Korea are going hungry, thanks to US sanctions.

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Yesterday, on NHK World Japan newsline, I learned that there is a food shortage happening in North Korea, thanks to American sanctions.  This is a disturbing American double standard when you consider how concerned the special interest American Globalists are about hungry illegal immigrants in America and at the Mexican border, so much so that they spend a billion dollars or more of American tax payer money to feed them and provide them with medical care and education.

North Korea, has not been feeding and sustaining its people with billions of American dollars; they want the right to exist and operate as a sovereign nation.  Israel has nuclear weapons and considering the religious fanaticism of the nation, it should not nor should its existence depend heavily on billions of American tax payer dollars or crony free trade deals.

Why I am against US sanctions on North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela.

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It is not fair to make sure that people living in your “competition-country” starve, have no water, or electricity; then say that the leadership of the country failed to provide a secure and free life for its people.  This is sabatoge.  No leader wants to see their people starve.  However, this image of failure, exposed to the world, is unfortunately accomplished with American sanctions, which are bullying and abusive.

Israeli Envy: If Trump and Kim can try for peace, why can’t Israel try harder with Palestine?

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The truth is that we have not tried everything and have not turned over every stone. All Israelis should ask themselves whether the distance between the Americans and the North Koreans is smaller than the distance between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

If Israel were to make peace with Palestine (and quite frankly- everybody) it would simply lose all of its leverage to complain to the world, everyday, about what important victims they are.  War, lies, and complaining is key to their existence and to their overall relevance.