Too much truth: WordPress takes down another blogger (Wide Awake Gentile) posting about the Jewish/British led “West”

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First it was Peoples Trust Toronto, now it’s Wide Awake Gentile:  both blogs have been taken down by WordPress for “violations of their terms of service.” is no longer available.

This site has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
For more information and to contact us please read this support document.–l0kwugg

Why I haven’t posted about political news, lately- it has to do with WordPress’ shutting down of the news aggregation site, “Peoples Trust Toronto”

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For weeks now, I have been stunned by WordPress’ decision to shut down the news aggregation site, “Peoples Trust Toronto”.  This was a great news aggregation website that WordPress shut down for “Violation of Community Standards” (no further information regarding the specific reason has been made public).

The only violation that Peoples Trust Toronto may have been guilty of is of gathering upwards of two thousand followers which can qualify it as a press media outlet.  

Like magic, WordPress has erased ALL of the news content from newslinks that I have reblogged from Peoples Trust Toronto.  This development made me pause for weeks and my conclusion is that citizen journalism is under attack.

To further support my conclusion, I wish to point out a recent law that has been approved by EU “lawmakers”; it’s the copyright law  (see:    This new copyright law is an affront to citizen journalism because it would make it illegal to post excerpts and newslinks (essentially, repost anything that is not exclusively your own material) to your website, blog, weblink via Twitter or Facebook, etc.

While that law has not made it to the USA yet, followers of my blog know that I often post excerpts from long news articles and op-eds, in quotations, to my blog posts to help readers get straight to the point I wish to make.  Well, if this law where to make it to the US- there will be no more of that.  This is all very disconcerting.

One news website, that I can think of, that already does this is Spectrum NY1.  On NY1’s website, it states that no material may be reposted or shared, in any way, without express permission from NY1.  Another news source that does this is JTA’s e-mail newsletter called, “The Tell”.  The Tell features the Jewish Telegraphic Agency’s (JTA) own Jewish perspective of news developing in Washington D.C..

So, this is what has been on my mind and I am saddened by these developments because they aim to muffle whatever is left of sovereign citizen voices in the Western world post Trump presidential victory.







Peoples Trust Toronto, a WordPress news aggregation blog, shut down by WordPress

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Peoples Trust Toronto, a WordPress news aggregation blog that presented mainstream as well as non-mainstream political news, was recently “archived” or “suspended” by WordPress.

This blog was gathering nearly 2,000 followers which is enough to be identified as a mass media outlet.  The exact cause of termination remains unknown.  It would appear to be another censorship-assault on freedom of speech and on freedom of thought and expression in the Western world under the present political climate- one in which the Political and Mass Media Establishment is trying fiercely to keep citizens (and alternative news/viewpoints) under their control.