Alternate reality: Kremlin fabricated radar images, Israel’s version of Russian plane downing

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That’s right, Israel, everyone else is wrong while you are always right.   Who has more credibility, Russia or Israel?

Haaretz reader comments:


The point is that what the russians see on their radar screens is from another universe


I think Israel should say to Russia a/ we do not accept responsibility of having a plane hiding behind your spy plane, but b/we did do the raid, which was forced on us by Iran, and reacted by wild Syrian firing..meaning we take 33% of blame c/so as a mark of being sorry and feeling for the loss of life to the families, Israel wishes to compensate $1 million USD for every Russian serviceman killed as well as $20 million for the plane.We hope it goes some way to show our profound regrets

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: Russia gets burned by Israel

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Russia, though “protecting” Syria, has looked the other way while Israel bombs Syria.  That hypocrisy was bound to catch up with them and it did.

Israel appreciates that Putin has largely let them “do their thing” in Syria, and they count him as their allie.   I think most people know that: it is dangerous to cooperate with reknown backstabbers but Putin thought he could have the upper hand.

Apparently, an Israeli war plane used a Russian plane as cover from a Syrian missile.  Doing this caused the loss of 15 Russian lives.  Israel blames Syria and Putin now blames Israel for its irresponsible maneuver resulting in the loss of Russian lives.  Damned if you play nice with Israel, and damned if you don’t.  Either way, Israel is always out for itself and evades all accountability, even if it’s at your own expense.  Putin should blame himself and Russian citizens should blame him as well.  Instead of looking the other way for the sake of being nice to Israel, Putin should be working with Assad to erradicate Israeli presence from Syria.  Knowing Establishment Jews, however, any real justice for their crimes would probably lead them to starting another World War.


The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) broke into residential units in several villages in Raqqa province on Tuesday and arrested a sum of 270 villagers, accusing them of cooperating with the Syrian Army. The SDF stormed the villages of al-Ansar, Ajaj, al-Royan, al-Rashid, al-Andalos, al-Hayef, Khat al-Naniyeh, al-Rabi’eh, al-Salbiyeh and al-Sweidiyeh Saqireh, arresting over 270 […]

via US-Backed Militias Arrest Almost 300 Civilians In Raqqa — Friends of Syria

US-Backed Militias Arrest Almost 300 Civilians In Raqqa — Friends of Syria

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