Too much truth: WordPress takes down another blogger (Wide Awake Gentile) posting about the Jewish/British led “West”

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First it was Peoples Trust Toronto, now it’s Wide Awake Gentile:  both blogs have been taken down by WordPress for “violations of their terms of service.” is no longer available.

This site has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.
For more information and to contact us please read this support document.–l0kwugg

Real News: America must stop funding Israel, because Israel is our National Security threat.

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Israel is currently selling advanced technology to China for its Belt and Road Initiative project in Africa- technology that it created with American tax payer money.  

Nevermind that President Trump is at odds with China; Israel has no shame looking out for where the next big buck lies.  But, of course, the truth is always a “conspiracy theory”.

With China investing billions of dollars in their Belt and Road Initiative in Africa, Israel has jumped on board to supply them with the technology they seek.  In addition, Israel is currently working on its own to cement ties with African nations to further entrench itself in Africa.

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Israel sells to spy drones to Russia:


We must always find other ways to stick together

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Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, PayPal, etc. is shutting down even moderate speech.  Why?  Because if it does not support the Extreme Left’s agenda, then it is a threat to the super corrupt Establishment.

I am thankful for you, my followers, because this blog was born as a result of the Establishment’s crackdown on freedom of thought and speech in my Facebook and Youtube account.  Had I not tried to find another way to keep sharing my views, we would have never connected on WordPress.

What the Establishment fears most, is we the people.  How cowardly and pathetic is that?!

Jewish Capitalism goes against a free society

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The Western Establishment really thought they could continue to rule over humanity when they invented the age of information and technology- but that became a double edge sword.  Yes, they made their thousand dollars per IPhone sale (the quick cash out merchantry is accustomed to)  but they put information, technology, and power in the hands of the people.   This changed the world.

Realizing their short-sighted “mistake”, the Establishment has desperately been trying to walk this development back by censoring information, inventing story lines, and pushing “anti-hate” laws that are really about “anti-change”  and “anti-discourse”.

They fundamentally underestimated the power of human nature.  Humans tend to know when something is wrong.   People know when they are being repressed, controlled, lied to, and abused because it goes counter to the human spirit which naturally seeks expression and truth.

The Establishment thought that people were too ignorant to capitalize on the power of information, creativity, and sharing; that their customers would be simply be enslaved to the next computer, camera, cell phone, or tablet model.  Fortunately, for the benefit of humanity, animals, and the earth, human beings have proved them wrong.  The world is changing for the better and power has steadily been shifting away from the 1% and back to we the people.  Our work has only begun.



Special Interest Wikipedia: Read it to believe it

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I could hardly believe what I was reading –

AN UTTER COVER UP of everything that is True about the history of Jews.

Economic Anti-Semitism?  What?!

This is brainwashing.  These are malicious lies to blame non-Jews for the very real consequences of Jewish activities- especially in the last century.

This is shameless behaviour aimed at invalidating what everyday people can plainly observe.


ADL classifies “Globalist” as an “anti-Semitic” slur

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ADL_national on Twitter:

Our experts explain how the term “globalist” is used as an ethnic smear and long-running conspiracy theory about Jewish populations not being loyal to the countries they live in and cooperating through secret international alliances.

If Jews are labeling something as a “conspiracy theory”, then there’s probably truth to it that they just don’t like.  #Jewishmindgames

Israeli double standards: Do as we say; not as we do.

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By Jonathan Cook | Dissident Voice | May 22, 2018 The silencing of critics of Israel using anti-semitism as the pretext is far from restricted to the current wave of attacks on Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour party. It is now used to intimidate anyone who steps out of line on Israel. Once we raged […]

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Pro-Israel social media giants, Facebook and Twitter, reduce the number of views to citizen journalism sites.

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By Craig Murray | April 26, 2018 This site’s visitor numbers are currently around one third normal levels, stuck at around 20,000 unique visitors per day. The cause is not hard to find. Normally over half of our visitors arrive via Facebook. These last few days, virtually nothing has come from Facebook: What is especially […]

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Commentary: I have a difficult decision to make.

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I have thought this matter through with grave concern, because it is a matter worthy of grave concern.  I’ve decided that I can either focus on the problem of Jewry in the world and give you numerous headlines, everyday, about it.  Or, I can give you my honest take of the present situation and start advocating for the change we need to combat widespread, hostile, polarizing, pro-Israel policies in the Western world because we have reached critical mass.

Citizens must do their part to protect themselves from self-serving globalists by being informed, and by advocating and voting for the policies that will help them to defeat special interest.  Jews are a quintiple threat to citizens because not only are they a religion, but they are a race; a nation; a business model; and a political ideology with big money and big political power protecting their interests.

Citizens, by contrast, have what is left of their freedom of speech, their ability to organize, and their humble vote.

In order to combat the globalists, Americans need to:

Defend Nationalism (citizens first policies).

Defend our right to privacy.

Fight bank fraud.

Maintain and staunchly defend freedom of speech.

Demand less regulation so Americans can engage in small business, easily and legally.

Demand microcredit assistance.

Learn to produce products and services that people need.

Loudly reject and denounce double standards/favoritism/preferencial treatment

Defend free foreign language education.

Defend Christianity.

Defend American-First educational programs, vocational programs, and employment opportunities.

Defend social security entitlements and ensure that illegals cannot access these funds.

Defund and deport illegals.

Voice their concerns about harmful free trade policies and demand referendums on the issue.

Withdraw from wars.

Priority immigration/exchange opportunities for Americans.

Priority affordable housing for American citizens.

Higher pay wages.

Affordable healthcare.

Limits to what can be defined as volunteer work.

Remove the Aipac lobby from American politics or greatly diminish its ability to influence: public, domestic, and foreign policy.

Defend the right to boycott based on nation of origin.

Defund Israel.

Promote recycle programs and save the food programs to reduce trash and hunger.

Increase historical public places where people can rest and socialize (too much privatization erodes a nation’s identity and quality of life in favor of special interest and a culture of crazed consumerism).

Jews will protest these initiatives as Anti-Semitic.  So what?  If citizens do not watch out for their best interests- certainly the private sector will not do it for them.  Today’s terrible economic disparity and class warfare is ample proof of where the status quo will take us.  Citizens must not be phased by slanderous name calling.  We must remain steadfast and focused because the quality of our very lives is at stake.  United we stand, divided we fall.




U.S. Department of Homeland Security wants to crack down on journalists

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As dissent grows for an end to Israeli support in America, the Department of Homeland Security wants to monitor journalists and everything written on social media.  This is the Israeli thought police crushing any opposition to their criminal regime.