All kinds of top war criminals guilty of crimes against humanity have gone without punishment, but hounding down anyone following Nazi orders during the Holocaust continues- no matter how old.


Some crimes against humanity should not be more important than other crimes against humanity. All crimes against humanity should be punished by the the Hague and the ICC with a particular focus on the top political figures that ordered genocides.

Prosecuting a 95 year old secretary from a Nazi WW2 camp, now, when so many other war criminals are alive and well in high levels of politics, is really a special interest power-wielding and intimidation tactic at this juncture.


Can’t leave it alone: Polish journalist slanders Poland with crimes against Jews in WW2.

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It is a known fact that Jews very badly want Poland to carry more blame for crimes against Jews in WW2. It is unfortunate that this 39 year old journalist has nothing better to write about than to re-visit hypothetical scenarios and accusations that slander her nation’s reputation when her nation and its people suffered tremendously during WW2 because the Germans were fighting against the Russians on Poland land. Warsaw was virtually leveled because of it. This journalist would do better to focus on efforts that build up her nation’s sovereignty since WW2, than to tear it apart again with accusations that she cannot confirm as she did not live during WW2 and we all know, at this point, how history has a way of being ‘special-interest washed’ by powerful forces.


Tidal wave of strike-backs; Israel isn’t the ONLY victim: “Poland may demand over $1 TRILLION in reparations from Germany over WW2 – Polish lawmaker,”

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Poland was just about leveled during WW2.  In what appears to be a response to repeated Jewish demands for land, reparations, and money, Poland is now making some of its own demands.

Good for them!

Distorted, but always right: Those poor old Nazi murders – Times of Israel blog

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Let’s treat Israelis that have ruthlessly killed Palestinians for decades, in the same way too.

In old and recent news, we know that:

  • Jews expected the Catholic Church to protect them during WW2.
  • Jews expected German soldiers to protect them by committing mutiny during war.


  1. Has the synagogue ever robustly defended Catholics during times of war?
  2. Would Israel excuse IDF soldiers that don’t want to arrest, kill, or dislodge Palestinians upon request?


Agreed: “The United States has no right to tell others who they can and cannot do business with.” SCMP, commentary

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Israeli-America must call all the shots or everyone in the world must pay the miserable consequences.  This is the aggressive, totalitarian, Political American Jewry’s stance which simply refuses to concede to a new world order post the establishment’s (ad nauseum) WW2 narrative.

Israel is behind America’s sanctions on Iran; In general, I do not support Israeli mandates as they are typically one-sided, bullying, and abusive.

Jew admits that Jews Mistakenly assumed, post WW2, that people all over the world want the same things

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Indeed, assuming that what is good for the Jew is good for everyone in the world is WRONG.

First, we assumed that people all over the world want the same things; that mix of individual, civil and political freedom plus regulated free market capitalism characteristic of America and the states of Western Europe. Relatedly, we believed that when pressed to choose between prosperity and freedom, people everywhere would choose freedom. Moreover, we thought that one couldn’t go without the other, an error that China is proving more and more wrong with each passing day.