By Alan Macleod | MintPress News | January 15, 2020 Without warning, tech giant Google “permanently removed” Iranian government-owned media channel Press TV UK’s YouTube channel Monday night amid increasing American hostility to Iran. “This attack on the freedom of speech of Press TV’s journalists seems to be part of an anti-Iran purge as the […]

via Keeping with its Crackdown on Alternative Voices, Google Deletes Press TV from YouTube — Aletho News

Obliterating alternative viewpoints: Keeping with its Crackdown on Alternative Voices, Google Deletes Press TV from YouTube — Aletho News

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To get out of its way: Israel’s plan for the King of Jordan

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Out of control Israeli Zionist Jewry is hard at work trying to completely overhaul the entire Middle East in its favor- even if it has to overthrow a King- very ruthless AND pathetic.


Thou shalt be educated on how to vote for Jews.

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There is a difference between disapproval and hatred.  A person can disapprove of something, without hating it.  But Jews jump to the word “hate” to justify all of their offensive strategies to outlaw people from expressing any disapproval of them. Period.  In reality, many people around the world disapprove of Jews for a wide variety of reasons, but it does not mean they want their obliteration.

People want alternative leadership, people want peace, people want fairness.   That is the greater picture.

We also want to make clear that open and blatant anti-Semitism—as well as validating and associating with open and blatant anti-Semites who spread their poison in our country or call for the elimination or destruction of Jewish communities anywhere else in the world—is not acceptable, ever. Licensing hate means death for Jews.


“Hate”, “Destruction”, and “Poison”; oddly enough this is what people are tired of dealing with, with Jews in power all over the world.

Right wing Jews, left wing Jews- still Jews

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Meaning that both of these parties, in America, still have Israel’s best interests at their core.  Americans want their country (and their hard earned money) back; they want the best interests of  Americans to be at the center of the Democratic or Republican party- not Israel or the 1% and their subjects (illegal immigrants).

The silent majority voted for a Christian conservative America, in 2016, whether they know it or not (sadly, as many have bought into the Jewish localization invention of Christian- Zionism).


We need a “Middle Eastern Union” NOW

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So that Israel can stop using Western tax dollars for its heinous wars, the world needs a Middle Eastern Union NOW.  Let Jews negotiate with their blood brothers, the Arabs, to solve their own problems.

A Middle Eastern Union would serve as a substitute for the communal living between Arabs and Jews that existed during the Ottoman Empire- before the British, the French and America arrived to dismantle, divide, and conquer.

Israel Declares It Is Above the Law The Israeli government has announced that it is allowed to “legislate anywhere in the world” and is “entitled to violate the sovereignty of foreign countries,” an official document revealed, last week. The Israeli government also said, in the document, that it “is allowed to ignore the directives of […]

via israel (apartheid state) Declares It Is Above the Law — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

Israel (apartheid state) Declares It Is Above the Law — Uprootedpalestinians’s Blog

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It’s articles like this that make me want to give up political blogging

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As I mentioned last week, Jewish identity politics nauseate me- and yet!  Tremendous Power is concentrated in the hands of these radical people!  Anyone who wants to understand the chain of power in the modern world must understand the role of the Jews in  it.  As I innocently inch my way back into the arena of Israeli political news,  I come across this:

Opinion ‘One Jewish Life Is Worth More Than 10,000 non-Jews’: Why More U.S. Jews Will Walk Off Birthright This Summer

Can you blame me for not even wanting to look at this stuff anymore?  Even if this article acknowledges that statements such as these are now working against Israel; it’s just NOT ENOUGH.  This garbage needs to be CONDEMNED.  Are you with me?